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Why the Long Shot is Essential to God of War’s Story

It was a long shot, but Sony Santa Monica’s camera risk paid off.

The God of War Problem – Interpreting a Masterpiece

To be perfect…

Upcoming God of War Takes Place “Well Before the First Vikings”

Development is going “great” as well.

God of War 4 Comes Out This Year, According to Voice Actor’s Twitter

Please be real!

God of War PS4

Sony Santa Monica Hiring for God of War PS4 Team

Help wanted.

E3 2016 sequels

E3 2016 Gave New Life to Three of Gaming’s Biggest Franchises

Reinventing Success

E3 2016: New God of War Confirmed, Here’s the First Trailer (Update)

Kratos is older!

Report: God of War 4 to Be Announced at E3 2016 (Update)

Only a few days until we know for sure!

The VOTE: God of War 4 Setting

Is there a pantheon of gods and religious figures that is off the table?

Report: God of War 4 Screenshots and Details Leak Out, Set in Norse Mythology

Tons of screenshots ready for your consumption!

Rumor: Sony’s E3 2014 Conference Will Include Uncharted PS4, The Last of Us 2, Much More

Gran Turismo 6, God of War 4, and Heavenly Sword 2 on PS4?

Ask PSLS: Which PS4 Game Do You Most Hope is Announced During E3 2013?

Sports Champions 3!