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God of War Devs Previously Discussed Moving Kratos to Christian Beliefs

Jaffe planted a lot of seeds in the original games.

Is God of War II Still Great 10 Years Later?

Does it hold up?

God of War Collection Coming to PlayStation Store *UPDATE*

Kratos brings chaos to the PlayStation Store…

Kratos Is The God of Sales

God of War III has only been out for just over aRead the full article…

God of War III’s Brutal Budget Spurs Future Development

In a recent interview with GiantBomb, John Hight, director of product developmentRead the full article…

God of War III / God of War II Comparison

God of War II released on the PS2 in March of 2007,Read the full article…

God of War II Almost Became a PS3 Title

With the release of Sony and Santa Monica’s Mega-Blockbuster, God of War III, moving closer day-after-day, more and more news and hype continues to jump on the Kratos train to Epicness. What if I told you that there once was a possibilty that God of War III wouldn’t have been the first GOW game of the PS3 if some higher ups at Sony had it their way? Interested? Read on.

God of War Collection Screens Unchained

Many gamers were ecstatic to learn that there would be a “GodRead the full article…

God of War Collection Coming This Holiday; Trophies Included

Earlier this year Sony conducted a God of War survey to determine what fans would want in a God of War III collectors edition, in the survey an overwhelming amount of the community wished for the previous God of War games to be available on the PlayStation 3. Now, Sony has announced that this Holiday Season they will release the God of War Collection for PS3, containing both God of War and God of War II in 720p HD form.

God of War 3 Demo May Get Blu-ray Pack

Rumors, rumors, rumors. They never get old, yet always surprise and bringRead the full article…

SCEA: God of War Survey Isn’t a Guarantee

You remember the survey for the God of War III Collector’s Edition,Read the full article…