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The God of War Problem – Interpreting a Masterpiece

To be perfect…

god of war podcast

Latest God of War Podcast Episode Details the Origin of the Leviathan Axe

Delve into some of God of War’s lore.

God of War PS4

Sony Santa Monica Hiring for God of War PS4 Team

Help wanted.

E3 2016 – God of War Director Talks The Leak, Bringing Kratos Back & Controlling the Boy

“There’s other enemies that will specifically target him.”

E3 2016 – Kratos Has a New Voice Actor in God of War, Egyptian Mythology Was Considered

God of War predates the Vikings.

E3 2016 – God of War for PS4 Is Set After God of War 3, Norse Mythology Confirmed

It isn’t coming out this year, Sony Santa Monica confirms.