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fortnite twitch

Twitch Gaming Viewership Increased Significantly in 2018 With Fortnite Player Ninja in the Lead

Riot Games is the second most-watched channel.

gta online holiday update

GTA Online’s Holiday Update Brings In a New Arena War Mode and Festive Gifts

A new Pegassi vehicle is also available.

red dead greeting

In Grand Theft Auto V, I Miss Red Dead’s Greet Button

Saying “Hello to my little friend” doesn’t count.

GTA Online: Arena War Is Now Available and Looks Gnarly

In this battle royale, you don’t jump from a bus, because you ARE the bus.

latest gta online update

GTA Online CEOs Benefit in This Week’s Update

Do CEOs really need extra help?

grand theft auto 5 sales numbers

Grand Theft Auto V Keeps on Trucking, Passing Over 100 Million Copies Sold

GTA V just won’t stop.

gta online discounts

This Week’s GTA Online Update Is All About Boosts and Discounts

Earn money, spend money, save money.

gta 5 technology

Here’s How Rockstar’s Technology Evolved Between GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA V on current-gen hardware was instrumental to RDR2’s development.

grand theft auto 5 documentary

Production on a Grand Theft Auto V Documentary Is Currently Underway

The Billion Dollar Game.

video game oddities

The Wondrous Oddities of Our Beloved Games

Have a look at what goes on inside my brain. Bring an umbrella.

gta online sumo remix

New GTA Online Update Remixes Sumo Mode

Another Adversary Mode remix joins the stable.

san andreas super autos inventory update

Get Some New Wheels in GTA Online’s San Andreas Super Autos Update


gta 5 sales

Grand Theft Auto V Reigns Supreme in EU PS Store’s August 2018 Download Chart

Rainbow Six Siege climbed up the ladder.

gta online trading places remix

Another Adversary Mode Gets Remixed in the Latest GTA Online Update

I’m just here for the monkey costume.

no mans sky next

SuperData: No Man’s Sky Raked an Estimated $24 Million in July 2018, Overwatch Revenue Has Declined

GTA Online had its best month of the year.

gta online update

Latest GTA Online Update Includes Declasse Scramjet, Adversary Mode, and Discounts

If Speed was a video game, it would be at least this silly.

grand theft auto lawsuit

Judge Blocks 2 GTA Online Cheating Programs

Cheaters, beware! You’re in for a scare.

grand theft auto 5 digital

Grand Theft Auto V Was the PS4’s Most Downloaded Game in July 2018

GTA V regins supreme, yet again.

gta online update

The Terrorbyte and Oppressor MK II Will Wreak Havoc in GTA Online Starting Tomorrow

Just don’t question the jet engine motorcycle, thanks.

grand theft auto 5 content

Rockstar Games Has More Grand Theft Auto V Content Planned

Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has sold nearly 285 million copies.