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final fantasy 15 dlc

Tabata Says Next Final Fantasy XV DLC is a ‘Brand New Story’

Tabata’s creativity comes off very clearly in the interview.

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Final Fantasy XV Will Receive Four New Episode DLCs by 2019

Total worldwide sales have topped 7 million.

final fantasy xv story

Square Enix to Continue Final Fantasy XV’s Development Over the Next Year to Strengthen Its Story

Episode Ignis was supposed to be the last piece of content.

Read the Final Fantasy XV Update 1.22 Patch Notes

Final Fantasy XV Has Been “Very Successful” for Square Enix Despite Lengthy Development, Says Tabata

Over 6.5 million units sold.

Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Might Explore Ardyn’s Background, Multiplayer Beta Planned

“We have plans for something like that.”

Final Fantasy XV Character Creation Feature Shown in New Image

Early days…

Final Fantasy XV Was Profitable After Its First Day

Spring 2017 Update trailer previews upcoming content.

Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro 60fps, Chapter 13 Updates Get Release Dates

PS4 Pro update arrives this month.

Sony Has “Numerous Unannounced Titles in Production,” Shuhei Yoshida Teases

Gravity Rush director will begin working on a new title immediately.

Final Fantasy XV Director: “2017 Is a Year of Giving Back to Everyone for Their Kindness”

Nothing makes the team happier than people enjoying FFXV in various ways.

Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Looking at Adding New Bosses, New Scenes & More in Free Updates

Square Enix plans on supporting FFXV with free updates for the next year.

Report: Final Fantasy XV Might Receive Additional PS4 Pro Support After Launch

There seems to be some confusion regarding Tabata’s statement.

Final Fantasy XV Will Support PS4 Pro at Launch, Cup Noodle Collaboration Announced

Tabata didn’t divulge any further details.

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Game Director Claims That Final Fantasy XV DLC “Will Be Extremely Valuable”

Define “extremely valuable.”

First Half of Final Fantasy XV Is Open-World, Second Half Is “Story-Driven and Progresses Linearly”

There could be more DLC outside of the Season Pass.

Final Fantasy XV Director Explains Why It Was Delayed by Two Months

Each DLC episode will be tailored to each party member’s strengths and weaknesses.

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Doesn’t Include the Season Pass

The love story between Noctis and Luna will be different to Tidus and Yuna.

Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed, Square Enix Confirms

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Final Fantasy XV Director Says His Team Isn’t Involved With PS4 Neo/Xbox Scorpio Yet

He only just found out about the Scorpio.

E3 2016 – Final Fantasy XV Offers Roughly 200 Hours of Gameplay, DLC Will Include Story Content

The E3 demo was running at 900p – 1080p and nearly a constant 30fps on PS4.