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A Way Out Game

EA’s A Way Out Game Surpasses 2 Million Players

That’s a lot of co-op partners.

Josef Fares new game

EA Will Publish A Way Out Developer’s New Game

Full production on Hazelight Studios’ latest will begin soon.

EA indie developer

A Way Out Director Praises How Well EA Treats Indie Developers

People would be “surprised” if they knew how well EA treats indie developers.

a way out sales

A Way Out Sales Have Crossed One Million, According to Developers

The game continues to sell!

AAA Gaming

Josef Fares Says Naughty Dog Does AAA Development Right

“I would love to have [Sony and Naughty Dog’s relationship].”

a way out director

A Way Out Director Josef Fares Wants to See Devs Take More Risks

He’s leading by example.

a way out director

A Way Out Review – True Cooperative Gaming (PS4)

It’s one of the best games ever made.

a way out trailer

A Way Out Gets Thrilling New Trailer Ahead of This Week’s Release

Out on Friday!

a way out nudity

A Way Out Won’t Have Boobs, ‘Only Male Genitals’


A Way Out PS4 Pro

A Way Out PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Support Detailed

Fares had nice things to say about both consoles.

a way out trophies

A Way Out Trophies Reveal Story Details, Has a Platinum

No explicit spoilers.

Report: EA ‘Not Making a Single Dollar’ From A Way Out

Fares says EA has been great to work with.

a way out release date

New A Way Out Gameplay Footage Showcases Hospital Escape

Constant perspective switching

A Way Out Director

Director Josef Fares Did Motion Capture and Stunts for A Way Out

“If you believe in something and are passionate about it, then you’re prepared to do everything for it.”

a way out release date

A Way Out Goes Gold Ahead of Next Month’s Release

You’ll only need one copy to play cooperatively.

a way out ps4

Josef Fares Reminds Players Only One Copy of A Way Out is Needed For Co-Op

Just one copy!

A Way Out Director

E3 2017 – A Way Out Preview – Work or Die Together (PS4)

Time to find a way out of this joint!

a way out dev

E3 2017 – EA Originals Unveils “A Way Out” By the Devs Behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Devs recommend some couch-play!