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Heavenly Sword Released 10 Years Ago Today

Is it time for a sequel?

Ninja Theory Retrospective: Redefining Action

The studio has a long, successful history.

Hellblade Dev Diary Video Shows How Human Motion and Facial Features are Put into Hellblade

There are so many different devices!

15 First Party PlayStation Games That Need a New Entry

Rise from your grave!

Heavenly Sword Movie Gets a New Trailer, Might Not be What You’re Expecting

Ninjas on kites appear in the trailer.

Ninja Theory: Hellblade Has Nothing to Do With Heavenly Sword

They didn’t use a thesaurus for the name either.

Heavenly Sword Movie Gets a Release Date, Trailer

Now bring us a sequel!

Heavely Sword Animated Movie Gets a Trailer, “There are Many Heavenly Sword Fans in the Halls of Sony”

Altered story details discussed, Andy Serkis absence addressed.

Heavenly Sword Also Set to Have an Animated Film, Will be Direct to Video


PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Nariko

Sword off.

Heavenly Sword 2 Concept Art Allegedly Leaked

Too bad the game will never see the light of day.

Heavenly Sword Sequel Rumored to be in Development

According to the latest issue of UK PlayStation Magazine, PlayGamer, the sequel is in development and takes place 10 years after the events of the first game.

Enslaved Writer Got ‘F***ing Sick’ of His PS3

The man who penned 28 Days Later and Enslaved has stated that he only played Heavenly Sword after meeting Ninja Theory because of him being “f***ing sick” of his PlayStation 3.

Enslaved’s Monkey, Andy Serkis, Wants Your Questions

Actor, Andy Serkis, is really starting to turn heads with his versatilityRead the full article…

PS3 Preview – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

In 2007, Sony and Ninja Theory released Heavenly Sword, one of theRead the full article…

Ninja Theory Talks Heavenly Sword Release

In a recent interview, studio head Tameem Antoniades talked about the immense pressure his studio was feeling, and how the entire experience wasn’t “enjoyable”.

Ninja Theory: Heavenly Sword 2 Was On The Cards

Ninja Theory, the famed developer of Heavenly Sword on the PlayStation 3 is currently working on their recently announced project called Enslaved. With Heavenly Sword receiving decent reviews, it would seem to be only a matter of time before Ninja Theory started on Heavenly Sword 2 with the PS3’s tech under control. But today in an interview with CVG Ninja Theory explains the multiplatform stance and the reason for not following up on Heavenly Sword.

PSLS Presents – Tameem Antoniades, Co-Founder and Chief Design Ninja of Ninja Theory

Every gamer worldwide should be quite familiar with the UK-based developer Ninja Theory. They slashed their way to the console market with their red-headed, sword-wielding diva in their PS3-exclusive, Heavenly Sword. Ninja Theory took all the lessons learned from Heavenly Sword and poured their heart into their next hotly anticipated title, Enslaved. Co-founder and Chief Design Ninja, Tameem Antoniades, took some time from his busy schedule and was very generous to answer a few questions that were on our minds concerning Ninja Theory and Enslaved.

Brink Squeezing PlayStation 3’s Potential

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Splash Damage’s Creative Director, Richard Ham, talked about the high-caliber talent working on the game, and why PS3 fans should get excited.