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Death Stranding guerrilla games

The Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Is ‘So Impressed’ With Death Stranding After a Private Demo

The fly on the wall had to sign an NDA.

death stranding 2019

Hideo Kojima May Have Suggested Death Stranding Will Launch in 2019

His message could also mean nothing.

Hideo Kojima’s Family Told Him to Retire Post Konami But He Persevered

He’s been “relentlessly” working on Death Stranding.

death stranding release

Has Death Stranding Already Begun?

It hasn’t, but something has.

kojima game awards 2018

Hideo Kojima Supposedly Won’t Attend The Game Awards 2018

But will more of Death Stranding be shown off?

Death Stranding mythology

Mythology in Death Stranding

The references to the underworld are in more than just the game name…

death stranding japanese cast

Metal Gear Voice Actors Join Death Stranding in Japan


Hideo Kojima birthday

The Importance of Hideo Kojima

Kojima’s birthday sneaked up on us.

Death Stranding release date

Rumor: Amazon UK Lists Death Stranding Release Date in March 2019, Probably a Placeholder

Probably just a default Q1 2019 placeholder.

death stranding tape

Hideo Kojima Explains Death Stranding Tape’s Gameplay Purpose

Sure, why not?

Death Stranding Hidden Messages

Death Stranding Hidden Musical Message Interpreted

Death Stranding is starting to cause a stir within the gaming community.Read the full article…

death stranding combat

Combat Optional in Death Stranding, Player Character Is Not

You can hug it out.

Death Stranding details constructed by fans

Fans Construct Theory About Death Stranding Being Set in Iceland

Always wanted to go to Iceland. Lots of moss there.

zone of the enders the 2nd runner mars demo

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS Demo is Now Available on the PlayStation Store

Many people have been waiting for the return of Jehuty!

New Death Stranding Screenshot

Hideo Kojima Reveals a Bizarre New Death Stranding Screenshot

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Hideo Kojima.

hideo kojima e3 trailer

Is Hideo Kojima Making the New E3 Trailer for Death Stranding?

A Hideo Kojima trailer fora Hideo Kojima Game. He needs a better Hideo Kojima PC though.

geoff keighley teases game

Geoff Keighley Teases Something, Hopefully It’s a Game

Nobody likes a tease, Keighley.

kojima konami fallout PT investigations ebook

A Book About A Real World Video Game Ghost Story Will Be Coming Out – It’s The Story of P.T.

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” was what Norman Reedus was supposed to say.

death stranding diane kruger

Latest Death Stranding Rumor Suggests Diane Kruger is Joining Cast

Would you like to see her in the game?

Horizon Zero Dawn one year anniversary

Kojima, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, More Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s One Year Anniversary

Praise of the games technical systems and cultural impact.