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hitman 2 elusive target

Twitter Suspended Hitman 2 Player for Saying He’ll Kill Elusive Target, Sean Bean

Context is important, folks!

hitman 2 elusive target

Learn Some of the Many Ways to Eliminate Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Remember, you only get one shot to kill “The Undying.”

hitman 2 sean bean

IO Reminds Hitman 2 Players That They Have One Shot to Kill Sean Bean

The window of opportunity is small.

hitman 2 ps4 review

Hitman 2 Review – Assassin’s Playground (PS4)

Agent 47 is ready to kill again. Are you?

Fallout 76 release

Release of the Week for 11/12/18-11/18/18: How Do You Choose Between These Three???

The answer may or may not shock you!

PS4 New Releases

PlayStation New Releases This Week: November 13, 2018 – Wasteland Friendships

What are you picking up this week?

hitman 2 gameplay launch trailer

Agent 47 Pledges to Finish What He Started in Hitman 2’s Gameplay Launch Trailer

Agent 47 at his finest?

hitman 2 live action trailer

Sean Bean Reminds Us of Agent 47’s Best Weapon in Hitman 2’s Live Action Trailer

“The world is always your best weapon.”

hitman 2 day one

Here’s What Hitman 2 Will Look Like on Day One

Was the “words of dialogue” stat really necessary?

hitman 2 trophy

Hitman 2 Has 118 Trophies, But No Platinum Trophy

The list includes trophies for the Hitman Legacy Pack.

hitman 2 gameplay

See How Agent 47 Was Upgraded in This Hitman 2 Trailer

Hitman Perfected.

hitman 2 trailer

Agent 47’s ‘Fan-Favorite’ Briefcase Returns in Hitman 2

It’s a “new and improved” briefcase!

agent 47 briefcase

Agent 47’s Briefcase Returns in New ‘How to Hitman’ Video for Hitman 2

The Briefcase is back and better than ever.

hitman 2 locations

Hitman 2’s Latest Cinematic Trailer Reveals All Locations

Get a peek at locales in India, New Zealand, and more.

sean bean hitman 2

Sean Bean to Die (Again) in Hitman 2

RIP Sean Bean.

hitman 2 ghost mode

Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode Introduces 1v1 Assassination Competitions

Zoinks! G-g-g-ghost hitmen!

hitman 2 difficulty

‘Performance XP’ Gives You a New Way to Earn XP in Hitman 2

These additions will also be made available in Hitman Season 1.

hitman 2 ps4 preview

Hitman 2 Single Player Hands-On Preview – Agent 47’s Been Busy

Ready to become Agent 47 again?

hitman 2 weapons

Hitman 2’s ‘Tools of the Trade’ Video Teases Agent 47’s Arsenal

Of course 47 has exploding cell phones in his arsenal.

hitman 2 gone gold

IO Interactive Announces Hitman 2 Has Gone Gold

Agent 47’s return is imminent.