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Destiny Hotfix Arriving Next Week, Will Tweak Skolas Encounter

Beating Skolas will be easier.

Game of the Month and Must-Plays With Community Votes – May 2015

Witcher Roundabout Magicka Blood of Wolves.

Destiny – House of Wolves Review – The Trials of Bungie (PS4)

The jury has reached a verdict, your honor.

Destiny Has a Special Social Hub for the Best Trial of Osiris Players

Win 9-0 to gain access.

Destiny Saw More Players on May 19 Than at Christmas, Trials of Osiris Event is Live

Skolas has been captured almost 900,000 times.

PSLS Live: Destiny’s House of Wolves Live Stream (Offline)

The wolf pack is back.

Bad Gamers: Ep 121 – Destiny’s House of Wolves, The Witcher 3 and Something Special

Back on the horse.

Destiny House of Wolves Available Now, Latest Update Fully Detailed

Get a refresher on all the new content.

Daily Reaction – Reigniting Destiny’s Fire with House of Wolves

“Look what I have created! I have made fire! I… have made fire!”

Destiny Connection Recovery Feature Coming Next Week, Hot Fix Previewed

It will be limited to Trials of Osiris at first.

Destiny Gets a House of Wolves Launch Trailer, Update 1.2.0 Solutions Identified by Bungie

House of Wolves is still releasing on May 19.

New Destiny House of Wolves Video Previews the Upcoming Expansion

Bungie set a Twitch record with its House of Wolves streams.

Destiny Update 1.2.0 Unlocks on May 12, House of Wolves Goes Live After 10am PT on May 19

You’ll have to download update before House of Wolves.

Destiny House of Wolves Prison of Elders Gets a Teaser Trailer, Full Livestream Coming Tomorrow

It’s a brand new co-op Arena activity.

Destiny’s Trials of Osiris Gameplay Revealed, Rewards Discussed

Match mode info revealed.

Destiny’s Crucible Overhaul Incoming, “The Dark Below” Maps to Be Free Next Month

Maps to be free when “House of Wolves” releases.

Destiny’s House of Wolves Trials of Osiris Event Getting Livestreamed Tomorrow by Bungie

In Trials of Osiris, power levels matter.

Destiny Update 1.2 Will Do Away With Commendations, Next Iron Banner Starts April 28

You’ll be able to exchange Commendations for reputation.

Bungie Talks Upgrading, The Reef & More in Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion

Aren’t planning on buying House of Wolves? You can still access The Reef.