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Last Day to Get November’s PlayStation Plus Free Games, December’s Go Up Tomorrow (Update)

Invisible Inc, Stories: The Path of Destinies, and more arrive tomorrow.

The PlayStation Store May Have Leaked the December 2016 PlayStation Plus Titles on PS4

We’ll know for sure this week.

Invisible, Inc. Console Edition Review – Tactical Espionage Action (PS4)

Don’t mess with corporations in our dystopian cyberpunk future. We learned that the hard way as we put together our Invisible, Inc. Console Edition review!

PlayStation Releases: Best of the Rest for April 2016

So, you wanna play?

PlayStation New Releases for April 2016 Spotlight

Dark Souls 3! Ratchet & Clank! Alienation! More!

Sony Gives Release Dates & Pre-Order Discounts to Salt and Sanctuary, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, More

Also includes Invisible, Inc, Stories, and Enter the Gungeon.

Invisible, Inc From Klei is Making Its Console Debut on PS4

Get ready for some procedural turn-based stealth action.