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PlayStation Plus February 2019

PlayStation Plus February 2019 Headlined by Hitman and For Honor

February has some heavy hitters. Let’s see what next month brings.

hitman 2 the appraiser

Hitman 2’s Newest Elusive Target Is a Cold-Hearted Art Appraiser

Like a work of art.

hitman 2 winter sports pack

Hitman 2’s Free Winter Sports Pack Lets You Hurl Deadly Snowballs at Your Enemies

Watch snowballs completely level these goons, and try not to laugh out loud.

Hitman 2 Update

Be a Cold Blooded Killer With Hitman 2’s Snow Festival

Snow problem.

io interactive new studio

Hitman Developer IO Interactive Has a New Studio and Is Considering ‘New Universes’

If this is all a massive AR campaign to announce a new Hitman 2 chapter locale, we’ll be pissed.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Cleans Up Nicely

Suits and stealth in 4K.

hitman hd enhanced collection

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Brings Blood Money and Absolution to PS4 and Xbox One

Finally, these two titles will come to modern consoles.

Hitman 2’s Next Elusive Target Is a Paranoid Colombian Revolutionary

For once, his paranoia is justified.

hitman 2 holiday hoarders

Get Festive in the Free Hitman 2 Holiday Hoarders Event

Santa 47 is here to spread holiday cheer!

Hitman 2 Update

Hitman 2 December Updates Include a Holiday Surprise

Plus community-made content, a new elusive target, and much more.

hitman 2 elusive target

Twitter Suspended Hitman 2 Player for Saying He’ll Kill Elusive Target, Sean Bean

Context is important, folks!

hitman 2 elusive target

Learn Some of the Many Ways to Eliminate Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Remember, you only get one shot to kill “The Undying.”

hitman 2 sean bean

IO Reminds Hitman 2 Players That They Have One Shot to Kill Sean Bean

The window of opportunity is small.

hitman 2 ps4 review

Hitman 2 Review – Assassin’s Playground (PS4)

Agent 47 is ready to kill again. Are you?

hitman 2 gameplay launch trailer

Agent 47 Pledges to Finish What He Started in Hitman 2’s Gameplay Launch Trailer

Agent 47 at his finest?

hitman absolution ps4

Could European Ratings Suggest 2 Classic Hitman Games Are Bound for the PS4?

Agent 47 lives on.

hitman 2 live action trailer

Sean Bean Reminds Us of Agent 47’s Best Weapon in Hitman 2’s Live Action Trailer

“The world is always your best weapon.”

hitman 2 day one

Here’s What Hitman 2 Will Look Like on Day One

Was the “words of dialogue” stat really necessary?

hitman 2 trophy

Hitman 2 Has 118 Trophies, But No Platinum Trophy

The list includes trophies for the Hitman Legacy Pack.

hitman 2 gameplay

See How Agent 47 Was Upgraded in This Hitman 2 Trailer

Hitman Perfected.