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Japanese sales chart

Conan Exiles Claims Top of Japanese Media Create Sales Chart

People love swinging swords and surviving.

Japan’s Top 500 Used Game Sales in 2014

A PS2 game even sneaks in there!

Nintendomination on Japanese Pre-Golden Week Sales Chart

Mario jumps to the top of charts.

Far Cry 4 Japan’s Best-Selling Game; PS4 Finally Outsells Vita

PS3 version + PS4 version = best seller.

PSP Sees 18% Japanese Sales Increase for Holidays, Comeback Begins

Scrambling shoppers start sudden strong Sony sales spike

Japan Sales for Dec. 22-28 – Everything Sucks and Is Dead

The slow drag until better software arrives?

Japan’s Sales Charts Take Gamers by the Hand

The 3DS is a tricky puzzle to solve right now. Its softwareRead the full article…

Japanese System Sales Show Sony Standing Strong, Selling Steadily

Fueled by software appealing to the Japanese public, Sony systems were ableRead the full article…

Japanese Holiday Sales Pt. 3: PSP TKO

Well, that takes care of that. Part three of our four-part seriesRead the full article…

Japanese Holiday Sales Pt. 1: Handheld Hardware Domination

The tail end of April and first week of May are soRead the full article…

PSP Doubles Up 3DS While Dominating Japanese Sales

The situation with the PSP is like night and day between theRead the full article…

Sony Puts 12, Including PS2 Game, in Japan’s Top 20 Sellers

Japanese sales authority Media Create has released its hardware and software salesRead the full article…

At Age 6, PSP Still Dancing With 3DS

Six years is pretty old for a game system to be keeping up with the new kid, and yet, here we are.

Yakuza 3 Puts PlayStation 3 On Top

February was an excellent month SCEJ and Yakuza 3 has really provenRead the full article…