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jump force dlc title

Jump Force DLC Wishlist: 9 Characters Who Should Make the Cut

Of course, the real DLC will probably be 9 more Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto characters.

jump force roster

Ranking the Jump Force Characters as Someone Who’s Never Read Shonen Jump

Please be nice.

jump force update

A Jump Force Update Will Reduce Load Times and Let You Skip Cutscenes

Attempting to clean up this mess.

Jump Force Review – Battle Stadium DUD (PS4)

You’ll want to Jump out of the way of this one.

Jump Force

Jump Force – Everything You Need to Know

Bandai’s manga extravaganza is almost upon us.

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince release of the week

Release of the Week 2/11/19 – 2/17/19 – The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

It has liars and blind people. Do you really need anything else?

jump force jotaro

Jump Force Adds Two Characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

More characters, more fun! Ora ora ora!

jump force playstation 4 top cover

Jump Force Gets Stylish Top Cover PlayStation 4 Editions in Japan

The top covers will also be featured in 500GB and 1TB PlayStation 4 bundles.

Jump Force Preorder Guide

Jump Force Preorder Guide

Our Jump Force preorder guide will help you find the right edition to preorder so that you can help save the world!

jump force dai

Dai from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Officially Confirmed for Jump Force

Pretend to be shocked.

A New Jump Force Advertisement Reveals Two Unannounced Fighters

Not the reveal some were expecting.

Jump Force Beta

Jump Force Beta Loses Connection, New Dates Upcoming

Down but not out.

jump force naruto

Jump Force Adds a Slew of Naruto Characters

Hope you guys like Naruto!

Jump Force Beta

Start a Fight Early With Jump Force’s Open Beta

Put your skills to the test by testing the game.

jump force izuku midoriya

Check Out the First Batch of Deku Screenshots from Jump Force


Jump Force Story

Join Jump Force With This New Story Trailer

Make the ultimate manga fighter.

jump force deku

Jump Force Officially Adds My Hero Academia’s Deku

Insert obligatory “plus ultra” reference here.

Jump Force Characters

More Jump Force Characters Confirmed From One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Bleach

I am here for Trunks.

Jump Force One Piece Stage

Jump Force’s Newest Stage Is Marineford from One Piece

It’s a great time to be a pirate!

jump force asta

Black Clover’s Asta Is the Latest Fighter to Join Jump Force

Who could they possibly announce next?