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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Sales

Square Enix Explained Why It Thinks Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4 Had Slow Launches

Could this mean we won’t see these two franchises for a while?

just cause 4 sales

UK Sales Charts: Just Cause 4 Struggles as FIFA Falls

Smash Bros. smashes all the competition away.

just cause 4 update

Just Cause 4’s Technical Issues Prompt Statement From Avalanche Promising Ongoing Support

“We’re a small but very passionate team.”

Just Cause 4 review 1

Just Cause 4 Review – One More Time Around For Another Revolution (PS4)

Dictator? Check. Revolution? Check. Chaos and explosions? Double check.

just cause 4 easter egg

Just Cause 4 Features an Unexpected Indie Game Easter Egg

Up to the mountain.

just cause 4 launch trailer

See Just Cause 4’s Rico as King of the Skies and Road in His Wingsuit and Sports Car

Rico’s next adventure is nearly upon us.

PS4 New Releases

PlayStation New Releases This Week: December 4, 2018 – Just Cause

A little Dance Dance Revolution

Just Cause 4 info

Just Cause 4 – Everything You Need to Know

Rico returns.

just cause 4 gameplay footage

See How Different Just Cause 4 Can Look on a PS4 Pro

Airplanes fly without pilots and massive tanks are lifted with ease.

Just Cause 4 Trophy List

Just Cause 4 Trophy List Sets You Up Perfectly for a Platinum

And nothing’s missable!

just cause evolution

Just Cause 4 Is Where It Is Today Because of Avalanche Studios’ Commitment to a Core Team

The team comes first.

just cause 4 gameplay

Here’s How Just Cause 4 Lets Players Be Creative

“If you can imagine it, you can do it.”

just cause 4 preview

Just Cause 4 Preview – Explosive Megameter Playground

It’s almost time to free the people of Solís in explosive fashion.

just cause 4 trailer

Rico Brings the Thunder in Just Cause 4’s ‘Eye of the Storm’ Trailer

Watch Rico grapple hook his way into a storm.

just cause 4 expansion pass

Of Course There Will Be a Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass

The content begins rolling out in 2019.

just cause 4 gone gold

Just Cause 4 Has Gone Gold One Month Ahead of Launch

Rico’s latest adventure is ready for store shelves.

just cause 4 panoramic trailer

Just Cause 4 Gets a Stunning UltraWide 4K Panoramic Trailer

As if the Apex Engine couldn’t look any more impressive.

just cause 4 story trailer

Rico Rodriguez Goes Rogue and Gets Dangerous in a Just Cause 4 Story Trailer

There’s more to the experience than action and explosions.

just cause 4 ps4 preview

Just Cause 4 NYCC Hands-on Preview: Chaos Everywhere

The world is your sandbox.