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langrisser 1 and 2 demo

Try Langrisser I & II for Free With an Upcoming Demo

Those hoping to play the Langrisser I & II remake collection on February 7, 2019,Read the full article…

rpg maker mv ps4

RPG Maker MV Delayed Due to Development Difficulties

No release date attached yet.

langrisser 1 and 2 delayed

Langrisser I & II’s Japanese Release Has Been Delayed to April 2019

Chara-Ani may compensate fans with a demo.

Kadokawa Games’ Root Letter Is Getting the Hollywood Treatment

The visual novel released in 2016.

root letter last answer details

Root Letter: Last Answer Details Revealed Alongside a New Trailer

Last Answer is looking more like a “definitive edition” of sorts for Root Letter.

root letter live action

A Live Action Root Letter Remake is On the Way

A little extra Root Letter on the way to the sequel.

metal max xeno review

Metal Max Xeno Review – You Damn, Dirty Robots (PS4)

It’s wild, it’s weird, it’s totally rad.

rpg maker mv release date

RPG Maker MV’s North American Release Date Announced

Time to get creative!

langrisser remake

Langrisser Is Coming Back with a PlayStation 4 Remake Compilation

Let’s all join hands in prayer for a localization.

new root letter

Kadokawa Games Has Announced Two New Root Letter Projects

Check out a live-action teaser trailer.

god wars 2

Kadokawa Games Announces God Wars: Future Past Sequel, God Wars 2

No, not God OF War 2.

metal max xeno us release

Metal Max Xeno Rides Into North America in September

Launching three days later in Europe.

the lost child game

El Shaddai Creator’s The Lost Child Gets New Story Trailer

“Are you fallen angels!?”

The Lost Child gameplay

Check Out the New The Lost Child Gameplay Trailer

Two whole minutes of demon battles, dungeon crawling, and exploration, oh my!

metal max xeno screenshots

New Metal Max Xeno Screenshots Show Off More Tank Types

Check out various tanks!

Metal Max Xeno English

Metal Max Xeno is Making its Way to North America and Europe

The war between men and machine is going local.

Metal Max Xeno trailer final

Kadokawa Games Published the Final Trailer for Metal Max Xeno

It’s coming out in Japan next week.

The Lost Child Astrals Trailer

NIS America Releases The Lost Child ‘Astrals’ Trailer

Turn powerful angels and demons into your pets…

metal max xeno gameplay

New Metal Max Xeno Gameplay Information Includes Tank Customization

Customize your tank in various ways.

God Wars The Complete Legend release date Japan

God Wars: The Complete Legend’s First Trailer Reveals the Japanese Release Date

It’s also out for PS4 and Vita in Japan.