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Tropico 6 Release Date

Tropico 6 Delayed Because It’s ‘Not Outstanding Yet’

Users who preorder digitally by January 10, 2019, get the first DLC pack for free.

Shadows: Awakening Review – I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down (PS4)

If I could name one puppet Annette, I’d have another marry Annette.

Shadows Awakening

Play as an Ancient Demon in Shadows: Awakening

A demon? Traveling between realms? Hell yes!

Commandos Games

It’s Likely That the Commandos Games Will Make a Return

It must be ok to go commando now, right?

tropico 6 gameplay trailer

Tropico 6 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Features

Get ready to run your island!

railway empire release date

Transport Yourself to the 1800s in Railway Empire, Coming to Consoles and PC in January

Covering 100 years of industrialization.

dungeons 3

Dungeons 3 Gets Brief Launch Trailer Ahead of North American Release

Out on Tuesday.

shadows awakening ps4

Next Installment of Heretic Kingdoms Saga, Shadows: Awakening, Releasing in 2018

40+ hours of gameplay!

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 Review – Frustratingly Flawed (PS4)

Fighting your controller on the beaches.

World War II RTS Sudden Strike 4 Gets New Video Showcasing PS4 Gameplay

Releasing August 15.

E3 2017 – Tropico 6 Coming to PS4 in 2018

Check out a teaser!

New Tropico Game Teased, Launches in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Watch the teaser trailer.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Launches on August 1 for PS4 & Xbox One

Those in Europe will get to play the real-time tactics game a few days earlier.

Sudden Strike 4 Releases on August 15 for PS4

European PS4 players get it a few days earlier, as do PC owners.

Vikings Wolves of Midgard Demo Now Available on PS4, Get a Free Trial of Brutal Battle

You have my axe!

Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition Now Coming to Consoles on April 28

It was originally set for February.

dungeons 3

Dungeons 3 Launches in Fall 2017 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

And it will have randomly generated levels.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Releases on March 28 for PS4

Looks like the physical version is $60 USD.

Action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Available early 2017

Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition Launches on February 28, 2017 for PS4 & Xbox One

Europe gets it a month earlier.