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yooka-laylee comic

Yooka-Laylee Comic Book Needs Your Money to Be Made

Yooka-Laylee is getting the comics treatment in a big way.

bushiden kickstarter

Bushiden is the Latest Metroidvania Kickstarter, Combining Ninja Action with a Futuristic Setting

Looks like Strider has some competition.

encased game

Encased Is a Fallout-Inspired RPG in Development for Consoles and PC, Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

Set in alternate 1970s.

log jammers kickstarter

Log Jammers Kickstarter Now Live

Axe-throwing, lumberjacks, and a zombie bear. What else would you need?

Shenmue 3 Trailer

Shenmue III Celebrating Backer Surveys with Cute Little Trailer

Okay, okay, not exactly gameplay, but it’s still footage.

temtem cross-play

Temtem is the Latest Game With Cross-Play Everywhere Except PS4

Temtem brings more bad news to PS4 players.

ManMade Kickstarter Cinematic Teaser

ManMade PS4 and PSVR Cinematic Teaser Released

New sci-fi-themed VR goodness on the way.

Wild Mage Phantom Orion Kickstarter

Kickstarter Project Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight Fully Funded

Another game to add to the Kickstarter backlog.

grimshade kickstarter campaign

Grimshade Kickstarter Campaign Details a Fantasy RPG with Profound Decision Making Features

Looks promising. Especially that Panda/Badger hybrid guy.

backbone kickstarter ps4

Kickstarter Project Backbone Will be Coming to the PlayStation 4

Let the raccoon memes commence!


Arcade Action Game, 198X, in Development for Consoles and PC

Check out a trailer.

Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight

Uber Realistic RPG Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Tired of the same old RPG format? Kickstarter appears to have something brand new…

dolmen game

Dolmen, A New SoulsBorne Inspired Action RPG in Space, Launched on Kickstarter

Shall I say it? Shall I say it?? It’s just like Dark Souls!

iron harvest kickstarter feature

Iron Harvest Shatters the $1,000,000 Barrier on Kickstarter

Safe to say this RTS game had a bountiful crowdfunding harvest.

third editions nier automata book

Third Editions Kickstarter Reaches 100% Funded, NieR: Automata Book Added as Stretch Goal

Book will cover from Drakengard to NieR: Automata.

Kickstarter for Final Fantasy VIII, Bloodborne, and Zelda Specialty Books Nearly Funded, Other Books Could Be Added

Third Editions posted a message to backers at 75%.

French Publisher Third Editions Launches Second Kickstarter to Fund English Translations of Gaming Specialty Books

The publisher makes high-quality gaming books that explore specific titles.

re legend ps4

Co-Op Monster-Raising RPG Re:Legend 400% Funded, Meets PS4 Stretch Goal

It’s part of Square Enix Collective.

Project Rap Rabbit Development Halted as Kickstarter Campaign Falls Well Short

But there’s still a chance the project might live on.

Battle Princess Madelyn Already Funded on Kickstarter, PS Vita Stretch Goal Added

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Wii U in 2018.