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PS4 Grips

Take Control, Aesthetically With Officially Licensed KontrolFreek Grips

Get your KontrolFreek on.

KontrolFreek Battle Royale

Last Thumb Standing: How Battle Royale Gave KontrolFreek its Biggest Day Ever

More than just thumbstick covers.

Kontrolfreek call of duty black ops 4 performance thumbsticks 1

Thumbs-On Review: Improve Your Game With KontrolFreek Black Ops 4 Performance Thumbsticks

If you want better performance thumbsticks, KontrolFreek can’t be beat.

KontrolFreek Destiny 2 Ghost Thumbsticks For DualShock 4 Review

Amazing how much a tiny bit of stick contouring can help your game.

KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition Review – Attention All Guardians!

Treat your thumbs to some Destiny flair!