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kratos in shovel knight

Cory Barlog Said Kratos in Shovel Knight is Canon

Ok, sure! Why not?

God of war kratos dad jokes

Kratos is a Dad, Dad Jokes and All, Hear Chistopher Judge Deliver Some God of War Groaners in Kratos’s Voice

What, Atreus, is brown and sticky?

God of war clean shaven Kratos no beard

Clean Shaven Kratos in High Definition is Just as Weird as You Would Expect

No eyebrows either!

You Need to Check Out This Limited Edition God of War Kratos Statue

Only 500 of these bad boys will be in existence!

Examining God of War’s Mythological Accuracy

Heracles, not Hercules!

God of War’s Kratos – The Anti-Hero No One Asked For

Flawed, but compelling

God of War Car Redefines Road Rage

Is this design divine, or just plain dumb?

Kratos Does a Killer Crossover

No, he isn’t taking dribbling lessons from Tim Hardaway. The God ofRead the full article…

Kratos Teaser in New Mortal Kombat At VGA’s

The God of War makes his debut in Mortal Kombat.

Kratos Slashes Into Mortal Kombat

The God of War joins the roster of kombatants…

Cosplay Taken To The Next Level With Kratos Costume

There is no doubt that Kratos is one of the most iconicRead the full article…

Jaffe Reveals Inspiration Behind Kratos

When God of War first launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2005,Read the full article…

Top 5 Current PlayStation Mascots

Over the years, many have wondered what the official mascot is forRead the full article…

Spartans Standing Tall Despite Pouring Rain; Kratos “Definitely” Could Live On

The mysterious teaser website has been updated…

Ghost of Sparta Visits God of War III Launch Party

Kratos is not only the face of the God of War series,Read the full article…

Caution: Kratos Could Break Your Hand

Not only can Kratos rip off an entire human head, but heRead the full article…

This Week in PlayStation – March 19th

Take a walk down the PlayStation memory lane with our newest weekly feature…

Epic God of War III ‘Launch’ Screenshot Gallery

Today the embargo on God of War III lifted, so we unleashedRead the full article…

PS3 Review – God of War III

We’ve played through the epic climax of Kratos’ journey, and are ready to give our full review. In the end, there can only be…