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left alive multiplayer

Here’s What You Can Expect From Left Alive’s Online and New Game Plus Modes

Some of the online elements seem Dark Souls-inspired.

left alive garmoniyan invasion

See How the Garmoniyan Invasion Upsets the World of Left Alive

Things take a turn for the worse fast.

left alive esrb rating

Left Alive’s ESRB Rating Details the Horrors of Its War-Torn Setting

Rated Mature, indeed.

Left Alive art

Left Alive Director Teases More Information About the Game

The devs await players on the battlefield.

left alive gameplay trailer

See How Stealth, Combat, and Choices Work in Left Alive

“Every choice matters.”

left alive stream

Learn About Left Alive’s Story, Gameplay, and Setting in a December 12th Stream

During the livestream, we’ll learn lots about the game.

left alive trailer

Get to Know Left Alive’s Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid

This diverse cast of characters sounds interesting.

left alive release date

Left Alive Coming to North America and Europe in March 2019

The mechs are coming soon.

left alive gameplay

Left Alive’s TGS 2018 Gameplay Showcases Plenty of Action and Shooting

Check out the prologue as well.

left alive details

Square Enix Is Still Trucking Along with Left Alive

We got mechs!

Left Alive gameplay

Check Out New Screenshots of Square Enix’s Left Alive

The gameplay looks good.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 sales

Watch the Famitsu TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day Three

Yakuza Kiwami 2, The Evil Within 2 and Left Alive will be shown!

Left Alive trailer

Watch the Complete Left Alive TGS 2017 Trailer

What was shown during Sony’s conference was just a teaser.

Left Alive trailer

Watch the Square Enix TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day One

They’ll be unveiling Left Alive, so it’s worth watching.

Left Alive trailer

Left Alive is a Third-Person Shooter, Set in Front Mission Universe

Here’s how it’ll play.

Left Alive trailer

Square Enix Announces Left Alive for PS4 During TGS 2017

This looks amazing.