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Star Wars 1313 Designer Breaks Silence on the Game’s History

A tweet thread worth reading.

Here’s Your First Look at Full Throttle Remastered Ahead of PSX 2016

Coming in 2017.

Battlefront 3 gameplay video

Canceled Battlefront 3 Gameplay Video Rises From 2008 Grave

What might have been…

Rogue Squadron Cancelled Star Wars Games

More Cancelled Star Wars Games Come to Light, But Stay Cancelled

Oh the games that never saw the light of day…

Cancelled Star Wars Episode 7 Game Would Have Put Players in the Role of Luke Skywalker’s Son

With new Force powers.

Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 on March 15

Pre-orders now live.

Star Wars PS2 Games Live on PS4 in North America & Europe

You can play Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, and Racer Revenge on PS4.

Star Wars: First Assault Gameplay Showcases 20 Minutes of What Could Have Been

Tatooine can be a lonely place.

Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Photogrammetry

The team visited the original filming locations of the movies.

Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Feature Classes or Squads, DICE Confirms

DICE is really trying to distance Battlefront from Battlefield

Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Have Iron Sight Aiming, Will Have Scopes

The team wanted to make a game that is “unique” from other shooters.

Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront Campaign, DLC, and Multiplayer Info Leaked

That’s a lot of info.

Grim Fandango Remastered Project Leader Talks About Its Creation

Learn why it took so long for the remake to come out.

Grim Fandango Remastered Trophy List Revealed, Will Contain a Platinum (Spoilers)

May contain spoilers!

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts; Gives In to the Darkside [Update]

Disney force-es cancellations and closure.

Star Wars 1313 Allegedly Coming to PlayStation 3 Later This Year

Is it really NOT a next-gen title?

LucasArts Talks Buyout: “For the Time Being all Projects are Business as Usual”

Still pluggin’ away.

Daily Reaction: Star Wars Ep 7 and the Future of LucasArts

These are the droids you’re looking for.

LucasArts Discusses Star Wars 1313 Development, “Daunting at First”

Embracing a darker tone.