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marvel heroes developer acquired

Marvel Heroes Developer Gazillion Acquired by Trion Worlds

Perhaps Marvel Heroes can finally rest in peace.

marvel heroes cancelled

Gazillion Has Terminated its Staff and Shutting Down Marvel Heroes on Friday

This timing is so unfortunate.

marvel heroes refunds

Marvel Heroes Players Demanding Refunds Following Announcement of Closure

No official word from Gazillion or Marvel.

Disney Announces It Is Shutting Down Marvel Heroes and Cutting Ties With Developer Gazillion

A move many saw coming.

Marvel Heroes Omega for PS4 Enters Open Beta on May 23

Daredevil goes live on May 23 as well.

Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Begins on PS4, Founder’s Packs Start at $17

And go all the way up to $60.

Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Begins on April 21 for PS4

Watch some PS4 gameplay.

Marvel Heroes Omega Comes to PS4 & Xbox One This Spring

It’s a free-to-play online action-RPG; will have a paid access closed beta.