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fantastic four game

Marvel Games Updated Its Twitter Profile Picture and Fans Think It’s Teasing a Fantastic Four Game

Fantastic Four or Marvel vs. Capcom 4?

Ex Hearthstone Developers Are Making a Marvel Game

Some Former Hearthstone Devs Are Working on a Marvel Game

If Marvel movies are so successful, surely Marvel games will work, too.

Marvels Spider-man silver linings review

Marvel’s Spider Man: Silver Lining DLC Review – Don’t Leave Me Hanging (PS4)

That’s a wrap.

Spider-man Sam Raimi Suit

The Highly-Requested Sam Raimi Suit Is Now in Marvel’s Spider-Man

You can finally pretend you’re Toby Maguire.

spider man ps4 comic

Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Get Its Own Comic in 2019

Spidey’s here to take over the world.

spider-cop suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Spider-Cop Is Officially Canon

He’s a grizzled police vet, with a mustache to match.

Time to Start a New Game Plus with Marvel’s Spider-Man

Back for another adventure through the city.

spider man ps4 dlc

Check out the New Suits Coming in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First Add-on

A spider’s gotta look his best.

spider-man japan sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Breaking Sales Records in Japan

Some amazing sales for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

marvels spider-man patch notes

Here are the Patch Notes for Marvel’s Spider-Man Version 1.06

That’s a lot of fixes!

marvels spider-man ps4 sales

Spider-Man Has Dethroned Kratos as the Fastest-Selling Sony Title

Sony should kick the guy some extra rent money.

spider-man new game plus

Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Have a New Game+

Do whatever a spider can, again.

Insomniac Explains Why It Chose Spider-Man Over Other Marvel Characters

What makes Spider-Man so hot?

spider man easter egg

Spider-Man Dev Offers to Change ‘Marriage Proposal’ Easter Egg After Learning of Sad Ending

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.

Insomniac Rep Talks About Working With Marvel and Making More Licensed Games

What’s planned for Insomniac’s future?

Spider Man The Heist

Here’s a Look at The Heist, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First DLC

The first round of DLC swings into action this October.

Spider Man How Long to Beat

Marvel’s Spider-Man Can Apparently Be Beaten in 20 Hours

Get ready for a hearty campaign.

marvels spider-man costume

[Spoiler Warning] Whoops! Funko Pop Spoils New Marvel’s Spider-Man Costume

Time to get those speculation fires burning on this one.

spider man combat trailer

New Spider-Man Trailer Gives ‘Just the Facts’ on Combat

See how Spidey will swing into action.