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heavy fire red shadow ps4 review

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Review – Easy War (PS4)

A blurry mess.

Heavy Fire Red Shadow Giveaway

PSLS Giveaway – Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

Covering fire!!

home sweet home review

Home Sweet Home Review – House of Horrors (PS4/PSVR)

There’s nothing sweet about this home.

Home Sweet Home Giveaway

PSLS Giveaway: Home Sweet Home

Enter for a chance to be scared

home sweet home launch trailer

Friday the 13th Alum Adrienne King Joining Home Sweet Home Launch Stream

Get a deadly crash course in the scary side of Thai mythology in Home Sweet Home.

heavy fire red shadow release date

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Comes to PS4 and PSVR Next Month

The more arcade rail shooters on PSVR, the better.

home sweet home announced

Home Sweet Home Brings Thai Horror to PSVR

TOctober 2018 is starting to look good for horror games.