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EA Forms DICE LA, Mostly Made From Danger Close Team, to Work on Star Wars Title

The force is strong with this studio.

Ask PSLS: Which Popular PS3 Franchise Do You NOT Want to see on the PlayStation 4?

It’s okay, Sackboy, you’re safe…for now.

Medal of Honor Basically Dead, Taken “Out of Rotation” – EA Blames Critics, Consumers

Giving back the medals.

UK Sales Charts are in, Medal of Honor Takes Home the Gold

Do gamers across the pond just have bad taste?

UK Retailer GAME Outs Need For Speed 13 & Medal of Honor 2

Someone with access to British retailer GAME’s twitter account accidentally let theRead the full article…

Medal of Honor Sequel Announced

Electronic Art and Danger Close’s Medal of Honor has been a phenomenalRead the full article…

Medal of Honor Gets Remotely Controlled

EA has decided to take their Medal of Honor franchise beyond gamingRead the full article…

Medal of Honor – Trophy Guide

Medal of Honor features 52 trophies consisting of 37 bronze, 11 silver,Read the full article…

Medal of Honor Price Slashed

EA recently revamped the Medal of Honor franchise by bringing the series into the present, with the game controversially being set in Afghanistan. Over 1.5 million people have bought the game, but if you have been holding out for a more enticing deal then today is your lucky day.

Medal of Honor Sells Two Million Units in Two Weeks

After all the controversy leading up to the game, as well asRead the full article…

EA Announces ‘Hot Zone’ DLC For Medal of Honor

Recently, Electronic Arts announced Medal of Honor would be receiving new DLCRead the full article…

Medal of Honor ‘Clean Sweep’ DLC Announced

To celebrate the news of Medal of Honor selling over 1.5 million units in five days EA has announced that they’ll be releasing a new multiplayer mode, entitled Clean Sweep, as DLC, absolutely free.

Medal of Honor Infiltrates 1.5 Million Homes

The Medal of Honor franchise reboot raised a substantial amount of attention thanks to its controversial nature. The developers and publishers of the game at Electronic Arts were banking on this as their high investment in the PlayStation 3 title required them to sell at least 3 million copies for the series to progress into future installment. If the publishers are to be believed, the first-person shooter is already half-way there.

PS3 Review – Medal of Honor

The rebirth of the Medal of Honor series has arrived. Does it deserve the title or should the team at Danger Close try again?

Medal of Honor Off to a “Great” Start

Medal of Honor was easily one of the most anticipated titles ofRead the full article…

Medal of Honor Requires 2GB+ Mandatory Install

For those of you who intend to pick up EA’s latest entry in the Medal of Honor series, you may want to consider the size of the game’s mandatory install, just in case you may need to perform some house cleaning on your PS3’s HDD.

Taliban Removal From Medal of Honor Explained

When EA decided to change the name of the Taliban in MedalRead the full article…

Medal of Honor Gets Launch Trailer

Electronic Art’s may be hoping that Medal of Honor will net themRead the full article…

Analyst: Call of Duty Black Ops to Triple Medal of Honor Sales

Without a doubt, the Call of Duty franchise has ruled the first-personRead the full article…

Jack Thompson: Gamers Can “Go To Hell”

Jack Thompson just will not leave the video game industry alone, despite the fact that he has been permanently disbarred from practising law since September 2008. With the recent change in EA’s Medal of Honor game, the activist has a few choice words towards gamers.