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Home Run Derby VR details

MLB Home Run Derby VR Now Available for PSVR and HTC Vive

Say hello to MLB’s very first VR offering.

MLB the show 18 box art

MLB The Show 18 Cover Athlete is a New York Yankee (Update)

New York, New York.

MLB The Show 17 Gets Price Drop and an All-Star Edition

Now’s the time to jump in!

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.07 Prevents Soft Locks, Adjusts Hook Logic

Plus: The Swing Analysis display will now always use the “Buckshot” PCI art.

MLB The Show 17 Players Now Receiving Compensation for Launch Issues

Expect 10 Standard Packs and 11,000 Stubs.

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.06 Fixes Blue Screen Crashes, Other Issues

If you experience freezes online, Sony San Diego wants you to upload a video.

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.05 Today Improves Online Stability, Retunes Bat Sound

Eric Thames is now in the game.

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.04 Addresses Freezing, Crashing & More

It’s over 1.75GB.

Sony San Diego on MLB The Show 17: “We Haven’t Been Satisfied With Certain Areas”

In-game content coming as a result of the frustration.

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.03 Today Fixes Some Online Issues, Year to Year Saves

First roster update coming on Friday.

MLB The Show 17 Trailer Teaches You the Road to The Show

In this latest video for Sony San Diego’s MLB The Show 17,Read the full article…

RBI Baseball 17 Cover Player Revealed, Out This Spring


PSX 2016 – MLB The Show 17 Comes With a Retro Mode

Playable at show floor.

MLB The Show 17 Launches on March 28, 2017 for PS4

There’s lots of different editions to choose from.

MLB The Show 16 Update 1.05 Today Fixes Cloud Saves, Other Issues

Should only be a 42MB download.

MLB The Show 16 Update 1.04 Fixes Online and Offline Gameplay Issues

Sony San Diego fixed Challenge Failed error.

RBI Baseball 16 Comes to PS4 on March 29 in North America, European Release Confirmed

Retail edition coming to stores on April 5.

MLB 16 the Show Hits Europe on March 29 as a Digital-Only Release for PS4 & PS3

Same day as North America.

MLB 15 The Show Simulation Picks Home Run Derby, All-Star Game Winners

The hometown favorite is picked to win the Derby.

MLB 15 The Show Update on PS4 & PS3 Today Fixes Crashes, Tweaks Gameplay

Intentional walk exploit fixed.