Jaffe Thinks Multiplayer Ranks “F**k Up” Game Design

David Jaffe, creator of the legendary series Twisted Metal and God of War, is always one to state exactly how he feels about certain issues in the gaming industry. This time, that subject matter is multiplayer ranks in games, and how they “f**k up” game design. More on this after the jump.

by Paulmichael Contreras
July 5th, 2010

Red Dead Redemption FREE Co-op DLC Galloping to PSN Next Week

Rockstar’s famous title Red Dead Redemption has already received quite the buzz from fans and critics alike. The multiplayer component of the game introduced a fun and enticing free-roam play so that you wouldn’t have to face the untamed wilderness of the Wild West alone. And next week, the co-operative aspect of Red Dead is about to get better without costing you a dime.

by Ray Conley
June 16th, 2010
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