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NBA Jam Announcer, Tim Kitzrow, Working to Bring the Series Back

Last release, On Fire Edition, came in 2011.

Say Goodbye to Online Play for Some Older EA Sports Titles

Fare thee well!

Boomshakalaka Returns to the Court with NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

NBA Jam returned last year and showed us that the joy ofRead the full article…

PS3 Review – NBA Jam

Whenever a publisher revives a classic game or series, the hope isRead the full article…

NBA Jam Scores Release Date

Electronic Arts has announced that the once downloadable game NBA Jam is currently scheduled for a release on November 17th, 2010. Additionally, online play has also been announced for the title.

EA Canada Hustling to Make NBA Jam Feature Packed

Since EA decided to delay NBA Elite 11 early last week, it has easily become the most talked about Sports game of the year. Before the delay though, the original problem surrounding Elite 11 was in the inclusion of ‘3 modes’ of EA Canada’s NBA Jam relaunch. Fans were furious that they HAD to buy Elite 11 to access the game, my have things have changed! Since the delay, EA has decided to change NBA Jam from an add-on game to a FULL game, to help cash-in on some of the sales lost from the Elite delay. Now the team at EA Canada is rushing to make the game featured packed and has very little time to do so on the next-gen consoles.

Copy of Unreleased NBA Elite 11 Obtained & Sold on eBay

Can you think of another game packed with as much production dramaRead the full article…

NBA Elite 11 Delay Could Cost EA Close to $60 Million

October 5th. That was the original release date for EA’s NBA Elite 2011. Yes..less than a week away release before EA went and delayed it, due to lackluster reception from gamers hands-on with the game’s demo. Shocking not only fans of the series, but also the developers, Analyst everywhere are throwing out their two cents as to what this will do to EA and their Sports brand in general. One of the biggest Analyst around has determined that this move could cost EA upwards to of $60 million in profits — or more.

NBA Elite 11 Delayed, NBA Jam Set Free

After having already announced one delay today, it seems we have anotherRead the full article…

EA: Want NBA Jam? You Gotta Buy NBA Elite 11

I think we can all agree on something: When EA Sports announced NBA JAM was returning but as a ‘exclusive’ to the Wii, you were disappointed because you had to dust off your Wii and second, that it wouldn’t be in glorious HD, oh and no online play either. Drats. Clean that dissapointment off your plate, my friends..after the ESRB leaked that NBA JAM would be coming to the PS3, we’re here to report that the rumors are true! There’s a small catch HAVE to buy NBA ELITE 11 to get access to it. Boomshakalaka your way inside for the full details.

NBA Jam Slam Dunking its Way onto the PS3 [Update]

NBA Jam’s inhumanely over the top, 3-on-3 arcade styled basketball made itRead the full article…