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PSVR Price

PlayStation VR Sales to Surpass Oculus and Vive in the UK According to Report

That’s kinda amazing…

psvr features

VR Survey Says Intent to Buy VR Is High Even With Motion Sickness and Price Concerns

People are also concerned over how they look wearing one.

Palmer Luckey: Oculus Rift Exclusives Are Not Bad for VR Industry

“You see Sony investing in their content the same way.”

The Clickbait Podcast Episode 15 – Praise the Sun! VR is Here!

Do you even Rift, bro?

The Clickbait Podcast Episode 14 – Is PlayStation VR a Better Deal Than Rift/Vive?

Including such jokes as “The Division? More like “The Subtraction”, amiright?”

SuperData Slashes Virtual Reality Forecast for 2016 By Almost a Third

Research firm believes revenue will now hit $3.6 billion by the year’s end.

The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 10 – Why I’m Paying $914 for Oculus Rift and Not PSVR

We’re Canadian! What do we know?

GameStop CEO: PlayStation VR “Seems to Have the Strongest Title Count” in the Virtual Reality Space

He thinks VR games will have bigger file sizes than AAA games.

Oculus VR Founder: PlayStation VR Is a Good Headset, But “Isn’t Quite as High-End as Ours”

“PlayStation 4 is not nearly as powerful as our recommended spec for a PC.”

Now Loading…PlayStation VR Price: How Will it Compare to Oculus Rift’s?

It can’t possibly be priced at $600, right? Right?

SuperData Estimates PlayStation VR Will Move 1.9 Million Units in 2016, Cost $400 – $600

The Oculus Rift is $599.

Analyst Michael Pachter Believes PlayStation VR Offers “Humongous Value” Over Competitors

“It’s unlikely to cost more than Oculus.”

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Isn’t Crazy About VR

Thinks it will take away from the social aspect of gaming.

Daily Reaction: Oculus Rift VS. Project Morpheus – Pre-E3 Announcments

What will they think of next?

E3 2015 – Predicting Project Morpheus’ Would-Be Path to Success

Seeing is Believing.

Former Epic Games President Feels Virtual Reality Will be Difficult to Sell to Mainstream Consumers

He thinks AR could have better market potential.

Take-Two CEO: Gaming Not Ready for Virtual Reality

“If that’s what consumers want, we’ll be first in line to give it to them.”

Shuhei Yoshida: Sony “Friendly” With Oculus VR, Samples Each Other’s Work

While Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality tech might seem like a directRead the full article…

Bad Gamers: Ep 64 – Project Morpheus VS Oculus Rift, Facebook and GDC

One of us took the blue pill.

John Carmack Officially Leaves id, Comments on Oculus Rift’s Chances on PS4

There was a rift between them.