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Paris Games Week 2018 PlayStation Lineup Appears in French Press

Gotta make time for Squishies if you’ll be there.

Watch Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 PlayStation Press Conference Right Here

Featuring seven new game announcements.

Sony’s Paris Games Week Lineup: Lots of Playable PS4 Games, No Mention of a Press Conference

PGW starts in two weeks.

Jim Ryan on Backwards Compatibility: “It’s a Feature That’s Not Used That Much,” Our Focus Is on the New Games

He thinks it would be difficult to break Naughty Dog’s association with Uncharted.

The VOTE: PGW 2015 – Did Sony Paris Games Week Impress You?

Lots of VR news, but still no release date or price.

Sony’s Jim Ryan: We Are Still Working on First-Party PS Vita Content

Apparently Ito’s comments were misinterpreted.

PGW 2015: Ratchet & Clank PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Off Clank’s New Moves

It’s Clank’s turn to strut his stuff.

New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Reveals Storyboards From the E3 2015 Trailer

Storyboard vs actual trailer.

Gran Turismo Sport Isn’t Gran Turismo 7, Says SCEE CEO

“Is it a Prologue? No, I think it’ll be more than that.”

Shuhei Yoshida Talks PSN Name Changes, PS4 Backwards Compatibility & More

“PS5 doesn’t exist.”

Sony: PS4 Sales “Well Over” 25 Million

Michael Denny also talks about the lack of Vita at PGW and why there aren’t weird games on PS4.

Watch the Full PlayStation Paris Games Week Press Conference Right Here

Watch it again and again.

PGW 2015: Multiplayer Music Game “Vector” Announced for PS4

Check out the trailer.

PGW 2015: Quantic Dream Announces “Detroit: Become Human,” First Footage Released

Trailer was captured using the game engine.

PGW 2015: Wild Gameplay Video & Walkthrough

It looks wild.

PGW 2015: Tekken 7 for PlayStation VR Announced

Virtual Reality fighting, anyone?

PGW 2015: Gran Turismo Sport Announced for PS4, See the Trailer (Update)

Enters beta in 2016.