New Patapon Marching to PS3?

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is teasing a new game on their site with a countdown and signs are pointing to it being a brand new Patapon. The background of the countdown looks eerily like the aforementioned Patapon series that has so far been found strictly on the PSP. However with 5 days remaining until a beta test, this is looking like a PS3 game, possibly an online one?

by Cameron Teague
June 11th, 2010

Pata Pata Pata Poll

Patapon 2 marks the first major digital download only title […]

by Anthony Severino
May 11th, 2009

PSP Review – Patapon 2

Pon Pon Pata Review: We take Patapon through their latest PSP journey. Check out the full review.

by Adam Wolfe
April 30th, 2009

PSP Review – Patapon

“Pata, Pata, Pata Pon!” your army yells, “Pata, Pata, Pata […]

by Adam Wolfe
March 8th, 2009

Patapon 2 Fact Sheet

Written by Richard Patapon®2 FACT SHEET Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment […]

by Richard Allen
February 9th, 2009
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