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playstation pax west 82818

Here’s What PlayStation Has Planned for PAX West

Media Molecule is gonna have a great time at PAX West this year.

pax 2018 schedule revealed

PAX West 2018 Lineup and Schedule Revealed, Check Out These Panel Highlights

Yes, there’s a Kingdom Hearts panel.

sonic forces weapons

SEGA PAX West Lineup Features a Sonic Forces Demo


View the Square Enix PAX West Lineup

They’ve also got some cool events planned.

ubisoft pax west 2017

Ubisoft PAX West 2017 Livestream Event Next Weekend Will Feature Gameplay From Several Titles

Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and more.

PlayStation PAX West

PlayStation’s PAX West 2017 Lineup Includes Knack 2, Gran Turismo Sport & Detroit: Become Human

Several PlayLink titles will also be there.

indie megabooth pax west 2017

Indie Megabooth Reveals Full PAX West 2017 Lineup, Includes 84 Playable Games

PC, console, and tabletop games.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Hands-On Preview – Duel and Die Honorably (PS4)

Duel with honor, for honor.

World of Final Fantasy PS4

PAX West 16: World of Final Fantasy Hands-On Preview – When Worlds Collide (PS4)

Final Fantasy meets Pokemon!

Final Fantasy XV PS4

PAX West 16: Final Fantasy XV Hands-On Preview – Much Improvement (PS4)

Very Final Fantasy. So Noctis.

PAX West 16: Super Dungeon Bros Hands-On Preview – Do You Dungeon, Bro? (PS4)

Bros before foes!

friday the 13th game content

Friday the 13th: The Game “XIII PAX West” Trailer Gives a Peek at the Deaths to Come

Prepare to see lots of violence!

South Park Fractured But Whole PS4

PAX West 16 – South Park: The Fractured But Whole Hands-On Preview – All About That Bass (PS4)

Playing as a superhero hasn’t been so wrong since the creation of Deadpool.

Sony’s PAX West 2016 Lineup Includes RIGS, Farpoint, Resident Evil 7 & More

Find out what’s new in the latest build of Drawn to Death.