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Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 6.10 Cranks Up the Competition with the New Events Tab

All the fun of ranked without the pressure of maintenance.

Fortnite account security

Epic Games Provides Epic Tips for Protecting Your Epic Account

Don’t make rookie mistakes with your account.

November PlayStation Plus

November PlayStation Plus Games Revealed Surprisingly Early

Two throwbacks with a modern coat of paint.

Fortnite Update

Dance Your Way to Victory in the Fortnite Disco Domination LTM

Own the dance floor.

Fortnite Update

Freeze Traps May Make Their Way to Fortnite Battle Royale

Freeze! As in slow down a bit.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Boob Physics Were “Unintended” and Will Be Removed Soon


Fortnite Season 6 update

Fortnite Update 6.00 Highlights Season 6’s Halloween Theme

There are pets!

Fortnite Season 6

Take Advantage of Bonus XP Before Fortnite Season 6 Starts Next Week

Season 6 predictions, go!

Fortnite Update 5.41: Hello, Port-a-Fortress and Re-Deployable Gliders

Want to build a fortress?

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 5.40 Encourages Quiet Take Downs and Fixes Bugs

See what’s been added and vaulted.

Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly Available for Preorder and Has Its Own Storm

Two ongoing games come together.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update Brings The Getaway LTM, Grappler, and More

Can you accomplish all the LTM challenges?

Fortnite Purple Cube

Fortnite Purple Cube Glitch Wreaks Havoc on Summer Skirmish

It’s the cube’s game, we’re just playing in it.

Fortnite coin flip

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Grand Finalist Determined by the Flip of a Coin

Resolving a surprising tie.

Fortnite High Stakes

Fortnite The Getaway LTM Has You Hunting Down Safes for Loot

Get the jewel llama.

bulletstorm full clip edition sales

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Supposedly Performed ‘Really Well’

Perhaps People Can Fly will eventually make use of the IP again.

Fortnite Update 5.21 Sends You Flying with Soaring 50’s

We fly high, no lie.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite 5.20 Content Update Adds Steady Storm Mode

An ever moving eye of the storm.

Fortnite Patch Notes 5.1 arrive

Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes Are Here: Playground Mode, Compact SMG and More

Patch time, so that means it’s reading time.

Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5: Here’s What You Need to Know About It

Making history.