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babylons fall

Square Enix Hopes to Share More News About Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall in 2019

Tokyo RPG Factory is working on a new game.

granblue fantasy relink

Watch 14 Minutes of Action-Packed Gameplay From Platinum Games’ RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink

It was previously called “Project Re:Link.”

NieR Automata Figures

NieR: Automata Is Getting Some High-End Dolls

Available for preorder soon.

NieR Automata retro gaming

NieR: Automata: An Homage to Retro Gaming

Ever been hung up on a trophy you can’t pop? Not to worry; that’s not what games are about anyway.

NieR Automata books

Viz Media is Releasing NieR: Automata Books in the West

Glory to Mankind, indeed.

babylons fall

E3 2018: Babylon’s Fall Revealed for 2019, From Developer Platinum Games

You excited for the fall?

platinum games

NieR Studio Explains Why It Wants to Self-Publish Games, Says Publishers Restrict Developers

They want to have full control.

Nier Automata narrative

NieR: Automata’s Narrative Lacks NieR’s Heart

NieR: Automata has a great narrative, but it’s still stumbling in the shadows of NieR’s outstanding and poignant story.

nier automata easter eggs

Nine Things You May Not Know About NieR: Automata

Some are basic, and some dive a little deeper. They are mostly spoiler-free.

nier automata sales

NieR: Automata Sales Surpass 2.5 Million as Game Continues to Sell

Will it keep selling?

platinum games self publishing

Platinum Games is Looking Into Self-Publishing Smaller Titles

Could happen sooner rather than later

transformers video games

Activision Pulls Transformers Games From Digital Stores

Platinum’s The Legend of Korra pulled, too.

Yoko Taro Horizon Zero Dawn

Yoko Taro Discusses His Time Spent Working With Platinum Games in Latest Interview

If the money is there, so is Taro!

Tyler Treese game of the year 2017

Square Enix Says Nier: Automata Performed Above Expectations, Has Strong Potential As a Franchise

Amazing for such a niche title to do so well.

NieR Automata Success

NieR: Automata’s Success Saved PlatinumGames, Says Hideki Kamiya

“I cannot thank [Yoko Taro] enough.”

NieR Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks

NieR: Automata Reaches 1.5 Million Copies Sold

Yoko Taro wants developer to stop creating games so he has less competition.

NieR: Automata Developer PlatinumGames Teasing New IP

It’s “formless.”

Upcoming NieR: Automata DLC Out in the West Same Day as Japan

3C3C1D119440927 out on May 2.

NieR Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks

NieR: Automata PS4 Version Crosses 500,000 Sales Milestone in Japan and Asia

The game has yet to release in some countries.

Upcoming NieR: Automata DLC, 3C3C1D119440927, Includes New Colosseums & Sub-Quests

3C3C1D119440927 lets you fight against Square Enix’s CEO.