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Melbits World Review Playlink 1

Melbits World Review – Party-Platformer Equivalent of Pat Your Head and Rub Your Stomach (PS4)

Part of Sony’s PlayLink initiative.

chimparty ps4 gameplay

Chimparty Is Bringing Its Monkey Business to the PS4 This Week

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys!

melbits world

PlayLink Title Melbits World Releasing in November 2018

Guide the adorable Melbits through the world.

uno PS4 PlayLink

UNO on PlayStation 4 Becomes a PlayLink Title

I thought PlayLink was about maintaining friendships, not ending them!

new playlink games

Seven New PlayLink Games Announced for 2018

Finally, a good way to play video game UNO.

ticket to ride ps4

Ticket to Ride Launches on PS4 PlayLink Later This Year

Build a railway across the world.

Frantics Review – PlayLink Party Time (PS4)

Fun for groups, or those who don’t mind bots.

Knowledge is Power The Rock

Watch the Cast of Jumanji Duke it Out in Knowledge is Power

Who is the smartest?

Playlink games

Wish Studios Discuss Challenges of Developing Knowledge is Power

PlayLink games require a different approach.

SingStar Celebration Review

SingStar Celebration Review – Start the Party (PS4)

Grab a phone and sing!

PGW 2017: Erica Announced as a New PlayLink Title, Features Live Action Characters

Much more than an interactive movie experience.

planet of the apes last frontier

Sony Expects Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier to Boost PlayLink and Attract New Audience to PlayStation

Sony wants to appeal to non-gamers as well.

Second Wave of PlayStation Playlink Games Delayed in Europe Until Next Month

Only a month away.

singstar celebration release date

Check out the SingStar Celebration Track List

Get your vocal chords ready!

Playlink games

Sony Published PlayLink Trivia Game Knowledge is Power Has Gone Gold

It’s ready for its October launch.

Playlink games

Combative Trivia PS4 Game Knowledge is Power Releases in October

From the developer of That’s You!

frantics release

PlayLink Title Frantics Gets a Release Date For Next Year

Are you ready to backstab your friends to win?

singstar celebration release date

SingStar Celebration Will Start the Party This October

No mic required.

Hidden Agenda release

Supermassive Games’ Hidden Agenda Releasing in October

Supermassive’s PlayLink title will be here in a couple months.

PlayStation PAX West

PlayStation’s PAX West 2017 Lineup Includes Knack 2, Gran Turismo Sport & Detroit: Become Human

Several PlayLink titles will also be there.