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The PlayStation Classic’s Source Code Seemingly Includes References to 36 Unused Games

Think of it as the alternate universe PS Classic.

playstation classic emulator

You Can Access the PlayStation Classic Emulator Settings With a USB Keyboard

So, about those frame rate issues…

PlayStation Classic Unboxing

Get Nostalgic With Our PlayStation Classic Unboxing

What’s in the box?!?

PlayStation Classic Review – Wherever, Whenever, Forever and Ever

Who’s ready for a trip down memory lane?

PlayStation Classic

Get Ready for the PlayStation Classic With This Close-up Look

Small but mighty.

PlayStation Classic Games list

Now Loading – What Do You Think of the Full PlayStation Classic Games List?

Is it s a true representation of the classics?

playstation classic japan game list

Sony Unveils PlayStation Classic Lineup of Games for Japan

RPG fans rejoice!

PlayStation Classic Games

The PlayStation Classic Full Line-Up Has Been Revealed

From Resident Evil Director’s Cut to Rayman

MediEvil PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: MediEvil

It’s knight time.

Ridge Racer Type 4 PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Ridge Racer Type 4

Baby, you can drive my car.

Tekken 3 PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Tekken 3

As Heihachi would say, “Kuyamu mamonaku shine!”

PlayStation Classic games

What the Remaining 15 PlayStation Classic Games Need to Be

Take note, Sony.

Wild Arms PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Wild Arms

Hey, I heard you were a wild one.

Playstation Classic

PlayStation Classic Will Support Smartphone USB Adapters, Won’t Have PSN Functionality

It’s designed to work with the bundled controllers only.

PlayStation Classic preorder

Now Loading: Do You Plan On Buying a PlayStation Classic?

Has nostalgia won you over?

Now Loading PlayStation Classic games

Now Loading: What Games Do You Want on the PlayStation Classic?

Only 20 spots available, which games would you choose?

playstation classic sold out

The PlayStation Classic Is Selling Out

It’s selling like hotcakes! (Do people still use that phrase?)

playstation classic japan

The PlayStation Classic Will Have Different Games in Japan

Apologies in advance to my bank account.

Playstation Classic

Sony Announces PlayStation Classic, a Mini PS1 Loaded With 20 Games, Coming in December

Only five games have been announced so far.