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PlayStation TV Also Discontinued in North America & Europe, Sony Confirms

Shipments stopped last year.

PlayStation TV Discontinued in Japan


Sony Temporarily Drops PlayStation TV Price $20 – $40 for the Holidays (Update)

PS3 bundles also get a temporary price drop.

PlayStation TV & PS Vita Firmware Update 3.35 Released, New Remote Play Feature Detailed

You can now adjust the video quality for Remote Play on PlayStation TV.

PlayStation Now Open Beta Out for PS Vita & PlayStation TV, App Download Required

Only available in “much of the mainland U.S. and Canada.”

Many PlayStation TV Games Removed From Compatibility List (Update)

Includes Star Wars, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, and more.

PlayStation Now PS Vita & PlayStation TV Open Beta Starts Next Week in US, Canada

“Users will need a steady broadband internet connection ranging between 5-12 Mbps.”

PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.30 Fully Detailed

There’s some attention paid to PlayStation TV as well.

Get Introduced to PlayStation TV in This New Video

Another way to use Remote Play.

PlayStation TV Compatible Games List Announced, Includes Nearly 700 Titles

Don’t know what PlayStation TV can do? Find out inside.

gamescom 2014: PlayStation TV Release Date in North America, Europe Revealed

North America gets it first.

SCEE President Explains Why PlayStation Vita TV Was Renamed for North America & Europe

Ryan guesses that the PS4/PS Vita bundle “will come at some point this year.”

PlayStation Vita TV Hits United States, Canada, & Europe in Fall 2014

Priced at $99.99.

Sony is “Nowhere Close” to Shelving the PS Vita, They Believe PS4 Remote Play is PS Vita TV’s Biggest Strength

3G “was probably one of the less compelling features of the Vita.”

Enabling PSN ID Changes is “Very Technically Complex”, Shuhei Yoshida Can’t Confirm It

The Last Guardian is still a thing.

Sony on PS Vita TV in the US and Europe: “Of Course we are Thinking of Launching” There

They weren’t expecting such a strong response from gamers in the West.

Gaikai’s North American Launch in 2014 Begins With a “Certain Number” of PS3 Games on PS4, PS3, PS Vita & PS Vita TV

Sony doesn’t have any plans yet for a North American or European release of PlayStation Vita TV. Or do they?

PS Vita TV Hands-on: Because some games deserve the big screen, and some people deserve multiple PS4s

4-player co-op Soul Sacrifice with a Vita TV as player 1.