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Song of Memories Review

Song of Memories Review – Pervy Apocalypse (PS4)

Fan service and monsters collide in this romantic visual novel.

Here’s When You Can Play Song of Memories on Your PS4

If you were looking to sheepishly play this on a handheld, there’s always PS Vita remote play!

razed review

RAZED Review – Furiously Frantic (PS4)

Anger (Ish)shoes.

Try Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story With Its New, Free Demo

Every character is secretly suffocating under the weight of their hero school student loan debt.

song of memories screenshot

The Western Release of Song of Memories Has Been Delayed

You’ll have to wait a bit longer to fight for your soulmate.

Razed PS4 Release Date

Razed Breaks Into a Full Sprint This December

Gotta go fast applies here too.

Our World is Ended Release Date

Find Out if Our World is Ended in 2019

Sci-fi, visual novel goodness.

super pixel racers announced

Super Pixel Racers Comes to Consoles Later This Month

The classic 2D, top-down racer concept lives on in contemporary gaming.

Punch Line Review – See the Panties, End the World (PS4)

Packed full of super powers, panties, and the extinction of humanity!

Omega Labyrinth Z Collector's Edition

The Omega Labyrinth Z Collector’s Edition That Could’ve Been

You can still order the mousepad.

Valithirian Arc Hero School Release Date

Valithirian Arc: Hero School Story Makes You the Principal This October

Back to school.

punch line release date

World Destruction Imminent as Punch Line Spies Panties This September

Absolutely none of this is a joke.

All-Star Fruit Racing PS4 Review

All-Star Fruit Racing Review – Juiced Up (PS4)

Has All-Star Fruit Racing got the right blend to make it as a top-tier kart racer?

Razed Game

Neon Runner Razed Races onto the PS4 in October

Gotta go fast!

Punch Line Release Date

Dress Up Like a Pigeon with Punch Line Cheermancy Edition

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.

valthirian arc

Manage a School for Heroes in Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

Toss your precious students at evil monsters in Valthirian Arc.

Sony Stops Omega Labyrinth Z from Releasing In The West

If you (underage) boobs, you lose.

aggelos ps4

2D Action-Adventure Game Aggelos Will Launch on PS4 Later This Year

A colossal struggle for survival.

all star fruit racing

All-Star Fruit Racing Release Date Detailed for Europe and America

Over 32,000 kart combinations.

punch line game

Visual Novel Punch Line Releasing in North America and Europe During the Summer

Save the world from panties