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The Creator of Prince of Persia is Trying to Make a New Game Happen

Only time will tell if he succeeds

new Splinter Cell

Ubisoft Open to Reviving Splinter Cell and Other Dormant Franchises, Talks Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Prolonged Development

Michel Ancel has a very specific vision for “enormous” sequel.

Ubisoft CEO: Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil Franchises Are “Not Going to Stop”

But they might “take some time.”

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise has Sold 73 Million Units, Prince of Persia is at 20 Million

Ubisoft has updated their sales numbers for key franchises.

The Catch-Up: April 17th, 2014 – 2D Prince of Persia Reportedly in the Works

Codemasters teases potential GRID 3 announcement next week; Housemarque teases Resogun co-op DLC.

Daily Reaction: The Greatest Terrible Video Game Movies

This explains our childhoods

Ultimate Far Cry Compilation, Ghost Recon Anthology, and Prince of Persia Ultimate Listed by Amazon France

Something to do with Assassin’s Creed III and George Washington also listed.

Ubisoft Reports Both Success and Failure in Video Game Market

Ubisoft is known as one of the top publishers/developers in video gamesRead the full article…

PS3 Review – Prince of Persia Trilogy HD

Now that the original Prince of Persia PS2 trilogy has been resurrected in HD format for the PS3 we can find out if the games stand the test of time.

Ubisoft Set to Dabble in Creating Movies, TV Shows on Its Own

Ubisoft is one of the few developers whose videogames have actually producedRead the full article…

Prince of Persia HD Trilogy Boxart Revealed

It was recently revealed that the Prince of Persia Trilogy would beRead the full article…

Ubisoft Planning a Double Dose of HD Trilogy Updates for the PS3

It seems Sony was onto something last year when they released the God of War Collection on the PS3. After selling well over a million copies, other game companies are looking into the ‘HD update’ for their franchises. We recently reported about the Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Klassics from Warner Bros., now it looks like Ubisoft might actually be series about updating to their classic last-gen trilogies on the PS3.

Pachter: Gaming Industry Is Declining

Industry analyst Michael Pachter is concerned about the state of things in the world of gaming. Recent NPD statistics for the month of May have led him to a new conclusion about the state of the industry.

PS3 Review – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

The Prince of Persia series has taken many twists and turns from its early beginnings on the NES. After Ubisoft’s fantastic debut of the ‘The Sands of Time’ saga, and a subsequently thrilling trilogy, the series was given a fresh lick of paint, and relaunched as a cell-shaded, fluid, platforming game that stripped away the revered time control ability, and replaced it with a magical female partner. To coincide with the release of ‘The Sands of Time’ movie, Ubisoft have returned to their roots with an ‘interquel’ between ‘The Sands of Time’ and ‘Warrior Within’. But can the game compare to its lofty predecessors, or was it rushed to coincide with the film?

PlayStation Release Horizon 05/17/10

What a release-packed week this is for PlayStation gamers! To all theRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon 05/10/10

It’s that time again, and while we were all busy giving ourRead the full article…

Players Want to be Able to Die

The Prince of Persia franchise is renowned for its abilities to allowRead the full article…

This Week in PlayStation – April 30th

As announcements for new games and hardware come and go, it’s easyRead the full article…

The Forgotten Sands Collector’s Edition Goes Retro

Ubisoft recently released a new teaser video for the studio’s newest workRead the full article…

This Week in PlayStation – March 26th

A common stereotype about gamers is that they have short attention spans. AsRead the full article…