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ps2 repairs closed

The Final Door Has Closed on the PlayStation 2

Pour (another) one out for the PS2.

This Day in PlayStation History – PS2 Launch

16 years on and still the best-selling console in history.

24 PS2 Games That the PS4 Just Might Need

You will love my list, I know it.

Rumor: PS2 Game Siren Spotted in PS4’s Live From PlayStation (Update)

More evidence of PS2 games coming to PS4?

Versus – PSOne vs. PS2 vs. PS3

Who wins this console generation battle? Watch and find out!

Examining God of War’s Mythological Accuracy

Heracles, not Hercules!

The Many Twisted Faces of Twisted Metal

Take a trip down a very violent memory lane with our feature.

10 Characters That Could Have Been PlayStation Icons

Maybe Greatness Doesn’t Await…at least not for these PlayStation wannabe mascots.

Haunting Ground Rated by ESRB, Could be Coming to PS3 as a PS2 Classic

Capcom’s PS2 survival horror title has been rated for PS3 by the ESRB.

PlayStation 15th Anniversary Timeline

On September 9, 1995, the original PlayStation launched in North America foreverRead the full article…

The PS3 Is An “Evolutionary Step In Audio Design”

Game technology is constantly evolving. Graphics have gone from simple 2D spritesRead the full article…

PlayStation Store Top Downloads 02/25/10

The PlayStation Store’s Top Downloads has been updated. ┬áThis update features quiteRead the full article…

Activision Turning Down the Volume This Year

Last year, there were a lot of games in the “Hero” seriesRead the full article…

Sony’s Peter Dille Talks PS2 Classics on PSN

The list of PSOne classics on the PlayStation Network is growing weeklyRead the full article…

God of War II Almost Became a PS3 Title

With the release of Sony and Santa Monica’s Mega-Blockbuster, God of War III, moving closer day-after-day, more and more news and hype continues to jump on the Kratos train to Epicness. What if I told you that there once was a possibilty that God of War III wouldn’t have been the first GOW game of the PS3 if some higher ups at Sony had it their way? Interested? Read on.

MLB 10: The Show Offers Grand Slam Pre-Order Goodies

MLB 09: The Show is one of, if not the best, baseballRead the full article…

Shin Megami Tensei Appearing on PS3

Atlus and the Shin Megami Tensei set of games are widely popularRead the full article…

Sony Japan Reveals Colossal Confirmation

There is no doubt that Team Ico has released some of theRead the full article…

MLB 10 The Show Fact Sheet

MLB The Show series has become a staple of baseball gaming forRead the full article…

EA Sports Putting the Shutdown on Their Servers

Well it looks like EA is tired of providing servers to thoseRead the full article…