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No Mans Sky VR

VR Support Mentioned in No Man’s Sky Survey Adds Glimmer of Hope for Compatibility

If you want it, ask for it.

rush vr psvr

Rush VR Makes the Move to PSVR

Another PC VR game is making its way to PSVR.

Tetris Effect Preorder Bonus

Tetris Effect Is Dropping Some Preorder Bonuses

Includes the original soundtrack sampler.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Demo

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Is Getting a Free Demo

Jump on this deal next week.

Dreams PSVR

Dreams Will Let You Create and Play Levels in PSVR

The ultimate dream immersion.

farpoint sales figures

Farpoint Is PSVR’s Best-Selling Title in the United States to Date

Three Sony published games make the top five list.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Trophy List

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Trophy List Includes Both Obvious and Subtle Challenges

What can you earn in this PSVR platformer?

Creed Rise to Glory DLC

Creed: Rise to Glory Has Plenty of Fight Left With Upcoming DLC

The fight’s not over yet.

squishies announced

Squishies Brings Bouncy Alien Friends to PSVR

There’s a lot going on here.

Transference PS4 Review

Transference Review — VR’s Compelling Darkside (PSVR)

Strong psychological thriller or just cheap thrills?

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Gameplay

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Dev Breaks Down Its Level Design

Taking the leap in VR.

psvr motion sickness

Sony Filed Patent to Detect and Combat Motion Sickness in PlayStation VR

Biometric sensors, thermometers… it’s all very fancy.

home sweet home announced

Home Sweet Home Brings Thai Horror to PSVR

TOctober 2018 is starting to look good for horror games.

Creed Rise to Glory Gameplay

Creed: Rise to Glory Throws You in the Ring With a 9 Minute Gameplay Video

Commentary included.

Firewall Zero Hour Update

Firewall: Zero Hour Developer Offers 10 Tips for New Players

Expect plenty of post-launch support.

the midnight sanctuary release date

Sony Music’s UNTIES is Dropping The Midnight Sanctuary on PS4 and PSVR in October

UNTIES continues to develop a library of intriguing gaming content.

new psvr bundles

Two New PSVR Bundles Debuting in Fall 2018

Now you have a few more reasons to try PSVR.

PS Aim Controller Mod

Firewall: Zero Hour Fans Are Showing Off Aim Controller Mods

Aiming to make improvements

transference demo

Get Weird With the Transference Demo

Another great reason to get that PSVR headset back on your face.

new evil dead game

A New Evil Dead Game Is Coming, and Bruce Campbell Is Involved

Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the controller.