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Outlast 2 Update Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One, Balances Normal Difficulty (Update)

Outlast 2 “has been a tremendous success.”

Outlast 2 Approved for Release in Australia, Only One Version of the Game Will Be Available Worldwide

But it does appear as though there’s been some modification.

Outlast 2 Launches on April 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Outlast Trinity for PS4 and Xbox One is out the same day, puts both games on a disc.

Outlast 2 Won’t Support PlayStation VR According to Red Barrels

At least not at launch.

Free Outlast 2 Demo Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC for a Limited Time

You have just a few weeks to grab it.

Outlast 2 Conjures up New Teaser Image, Horror Sequel Will Take Place in Different Setting

Journey beyond the walls of Mount Massive Asylum.

Outlast Devs Teasing Something for Tomorrow

More running and hiding?

“Our Goal is to Scare The Shit Out of Players”: Outlast Devs Talk PS4, PS Plus and Horror

Keep an eye open…or else.