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video game strike

The Video Game Voice Acting Strike Has Ended

The strike had been going on for almost a year.

Some Game Companies Reportedly Agreeing to SAG-AFTRA’s Terms Following Voice Actors Strike

But they haven’t revealed their names.

Veteran Voice Actors Discuss Working Conditions, David Hayter Says He Threw Up Once

Voices behind Commander Shepard & Adam Jensen share their thoughts as well.

Video Game Companies “Treat Us Like We Don’t Matter,” Says Veteran Voice Actor

It’s like going to work and not knowing what you’re doing, he says.

SAG-AFTRA Strike’s List of Non-Struck Games Includes Unannounced Titles

Many sequels confirmed

Voice Actors Strike: Struck Games Include Crash Bandicoot Remaster, Injustice 2

Madden NFL 18 and NHL 18 also appear to be affected.

Voice Actors Strike: Video Game Companies Rep Dismisses Union’s Claims (Update)

Union’s leadership made a “rash” decision, they say.

Many Video Game Voice Actors Are Now on Strike

Say it ain’t so.

Video Game Voice Actor Strike Set to Begin on Friday, October 21 If No Deal Is Met

Activision, EA, Insomniac, Take-Two, Warner Bros and more would be affected.

Voice Actors Vote Overwhelmingly to Strike

They needed 75%, they got over 95%.

Video Game Voice Actors Now Voting on Whether to Strike, Could Result in Work Stoppage

Vote ends on October 5.