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Volition Considers Saints Row IV the End of The Saga of The Saints as They Are

Superpowers, activate.

Bad Gamers: Ep 25 – Saints Row 4 Goes Wild, Crysis in Crisis and Win Runner 2

I never ever win these things.

More Saints Row 4 Info Reveals Improved Drop in, Drop Out Co-op, You Can “Save the World as an Overweight Ninja Cheerleader”

Who needs a video game, I could just do that in real life.

Saints Row 4 Release Date Set for August 20th in North America, August 23rd in Europe, First Trailer

From the Crack House to the White House.

Koch Media CEO has “No Doubt” that Metro: Last Light and the Next Saints Row Will Launch This Year

A Saints Row 4 launch could make for an interesting second half of 2013.

Daily Reaction: Dildos Don’t Get Awards – The Future of Saints Row with Deep Silver

Say hello to my little friend.