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Microsoft The Initiative

Microsoft’s The Initiative Hires God of War’s Senior Level Designer

If Microsoft succeeds, it will only push Sony to do better.

God of War DLC

Cory Barlog Claims God of War’s Planned DLC Was Reportedly ‘Too Big’

Maybe we’ll see some of these ideas implemented in a sequel or continuation?

God of War Glitches

Official God of War Glitch Video’s Full of Humor and Honesty

Glitch of War

God of War New Game Plus

God of War New Game+ Arrives in August 2018

Boy, run it back.

god of war runes

God of War Runes Are Being Translated by Fans to Uncover Hidden Story Details

Watch your language.

god of war 25%

Sony Offering God of War 25% Off Discount Codes For Limited-Time Only

That’ll save you some hacksilver.

2018 best-selling game

Analyst: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be 2018’s Best-Selling Game

If this is wrong I’ll eat my (cowboy) hat.

God of War Novelization Book 1

God of War Novelization Written by Cory Barlog’s Father, Available to Pre-Order

Relive the story from another angle.

God of War sales

God of War Becomes Most Successful PlayStation Exclusive Launch in History

More pocket money than Atreus knows what to do with.

God of War UK Chart

God of War Closes in on UK Chart Record After Five Weeks at Number One

Kratos vs. Joel: round six.

God of War Difficulty

God of War’s Hardest Difficulty is a ‘Hugely Different’ Experience

It makes changes to enemy attack patterns.

Hilarious God of War Q&A Reveals Story Details, Unlockable Costumes, Will Be a Surprising Game

There are voice actors reprising their roles from the old games.

God of War’s E3 Demo Was From the Beginning of the Game, Will Be Different in the Final Product

What happened to the boy’s mother will be a big part of the game.

God of War Won’t Include Multiplayer, Sony Santa Monica Talks the New Setting

Kratos breaks open chests now.

E3 2016 – Kratos Has a New Voice Actor in God of War, Egyptian Mythology Was Considered

God of War predates the Vikings.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Preview (Vita)

Size doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Get a Rundown on All the Highlights From the God of War: Ascension PAX Panel

Early Kratos concept art look verrrry different.

Rumor: God of War Saga Collection Coming to PS3 Next Month

A compilation of epic proportions.

PS3 Review – God of War: Origins Collection

Kratos is the first to make the jump from PSP to PS3… are the Gods pleased?