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Sony’s Scott Rohde Teases Status of Santa Monica, Sucker Punch’s Unannounced PS4 Games

Too soon to delve into details.

Sony Bend Studio’s PS4 Game Is “Really Looking Great,” Says PlayStation’s Scott Rohde

Rohde says Bend Studio tried a lot of different things before settling on the PS4 game.

Sony Teases “So Much More” Details to Come for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

The jet ski scene in Drake’s Fortune won’t be changed.

PlayStation Experience Will Have “A Bunch of Stuff That Maybe We Shouldn’t Show You Yet”

“This is an event for the fans.”

Sony to Continue First and Third-Party PS3 Support as Long as “There is a Good Business”

Sony confirms support for the PS3.

PlayStation Was “Dancing in the Aisles” When the Xbox One $499 Price was Announced at E3 2013

They “always assumed” there would be a Kinect-less Xbox One.

PlayStation Software Product Dev Head Scott Rohde is “Very Excited” About Upcoming Sony Santa Monica Project

“Some day you’ll hear about it.”

Sony: PS Vita Audience is “Really Hungry for an Endless Stream” of Smaller Games

The PS Vita didn’t get much attention at E3 because they had “a lot of things to say about the PS4.”

Far Cry 4 PS3/PS4 Exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” Co-Op Mode Requires a Client Download

“You get 10 invites.”

PlayStation: DriveClub has Gone “Back to the Drawing Board” to Ensure it’s Great

Will we still see it in 2014? Sony wouldn’t say.

Rohde on Sony Santa Monica Layoffs: “Sometimes, High Profile Projects or Studios Need a Reboot”

We’ll have to be patient for an announcement on what Sony Santa Monica’s working on.

Sony’s Scott Rohde on Hennig Leaving Naughty Dog: “Things Change”

“That’s all that’s happened here. There’s nothing else. There’s no more to dig at.”

Sony on PlayStation 5: “Very Soon, We’ll Start Thinking About What We’ll do Next”

To the future!

Shuhei Yoshida Names His Top 10 Games of the Generation; #1 Made Him Cry

You may be surprised at his choices.