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ps4 cross play

Sony Explains Why Enabling PS4 Cross-Play Took This Long, Says It’s Unlike ‘Flipping a Switch’

Sony had to look at things from technical and business viewpoints.

shawn layden

Shawn Layden Reveals How PlayStation Went from Tragedy to Triumph

Most success stories don’t always go smooth sailing. Take Shawn Layden, theRead the full article…

playstation ego

SIE President Shawn Layden Pumps Playstation’s Ego Up

Sony’s ego right now is literally too big to contain.

psn name change

Shawn Layden Hints That PSN Name Change Feature Could Come Next Year

He says it’s “more complex than you think.”

PS4 Pro Games

PlayStation US Boss Says Sony Won’t Follow Path of Smartphones, PlayStation 5 Will Exist

Shawn Layden says it’ll “probably be some time” until the PlayStation 5 happens.

Sony’s PS4 Games in 2018 Are “Most Likely” Releasing in the First Half of the Year, Says Layden

Does this mean we can expect God of War, Spider-Man, and Shadow of the Colossus before E3 2018?

Sony: PS4 Is Ahead of Xbox One 2-to-1 in North America, 3-to-1 in Europe

Ryan says backwards compatibility is one of those features that is “not actually used much.”

The PlayStation Vita “Just Didn’t Reach Critical Mass” in the US or Europe, Says Layden

And that’s why they stopped building for it.

Sony’s E3 2017 Lineup Will Include God of War, Spider-Man PS4, Days Gone & More

Expect “big announcements” from Japanese publishers at E3 as well.

Sony: PlayStation VR Sales Top 1 Million, 20% of PS4 Sales Since November Are a Pro

PSVR and PS4 Pro sales have been “restricted by our ability to supply the market.”

PSN Maintenance

Sony’s Shawn Layden: We’ve “Learned So Much” From the 2011 PSN Hack

But it took years off of his life.

The Last Guardian VR

Sony on The Last Guardian: “Thank You for Believing That This Day Could Still Come”

It’s now available in North America.

PS4 Pro: Sony Gives a Feature Breakdown, Netflix & YouTube Now Support 4K

PS4 Pro includes firmware 3.70, so you’ll need to update to 4.05.

PS5 release date

Sony on PS4 Pro: Next Week “We’ll Have the Most Powerful Console Out There”

Sony’s really happy with how PlayStation VR is selling.

Sony Talks No Man’s Sky, Says Hello Games Is Working to Get Closer to Their Original Vision

“I think what we learned from that is that we don’t want to stifle ambition.”

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Sony Already Selling PlayStation VR for a Profit, “Tremendous Demand” Seen at GameStop

Many GameStop stores are sold out of PSVR.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller Will Work With More Than Just Farpoint, Sony Reveals

The games are TBA though.

Sony Says “There Will be More PlayStations”

But Sony isn’t thinking about releasing another PS4 “for a really substantial period of time.”

Games on PS4 Neo Will Have a Higher Resolution & Enhanced Graphical Experience, Sony Says

“But everything else is going to be exactly as you’d expect.”

Uncharted 4 Sales Topped 2.7 Million in Its First Week, Setting First-Party Record on PS4

Sony congratulates Naughty Dog.