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days gone world

Days Gone’s World Is ‘Dynamic and Living’

The world will, according to SIE Bend Studio’s Eric Jensen, react to Deacon.

Days Gone Has ‘Polarizing’ Written All Over It

Negative press and ravenous defenders are already at each others’ throats.

Days Gone open world

Days Gone: An Uncharted-style Story With Open World Design

Good, more open world fun! Can’t wait.

days gone similar to the last of us

Days Gone is Nothing The Like Last of Us

Damn, those zombies making everything similar!

days gone gameplay trailer

20 Minutes of Days Gone Gameplay Shows Intricate Nuances of Handling a Zombie Horde

This is really interesting, no joke. I hope they aren’t just pulling our legs here.

days gone release

Shuhei Yoshida Confirms 2018 Release Window for Days Gone

He confirmed the release window during PSX 2017 opening celebration.