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Sonic Forces Vinyl is Being Released, Featuring Lead Vocalist from Hoobastank

Because Sonic wasn’t nostalgic enough already.

Sega Video Games

Sega Games Still a Hit after Company Sees 30% Profit in Previous Year

The company’s physical sales dominated digital merchandise to record a 1.2% increase in net sales.

sonic forces sales

SEGA Says Sonic Forces and Yakuza Kiwami 2 ‘Performed Strongly’

Good news for SEGA.

Sonic Team Talks Sonic Mania

Sonic Team Designer Shun Nakamura Talks Sonic Mania and the Future of 3D Sonic

Sonic Mania will impact future 3D Sonic games.

sonic forces sales

Sonic Forces Gets Free Sanic Meme DLC T-Shirt

It was found in the game’s files a while ago.

Sonic Forces review

A Recent Sonic Forces Datamining Has Revealed Super Sonic is in the Game

Get your Sanic on.

Sonic Forces review

Sonic Forces Review – Embrace the Edge (PS4)

Grab a chili dog and get to reading.

sonic forces trailer

Recent Digital Foundry Analysis Reveals Which Version of Sonic Forces Performs Best

Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are woefully bad.

sonic forces ps4 demo

Join the Uprising in the Final Sonic Forces Trailer

Less than 24 hours until launch!

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: November 7, 2017 – Sonic Payback

Sonic gets Payback on Seafood!

sonic forces trailer

Become a Robot in the Latest Sonic Forces Trailer

Don’t eat, sleep, or think!

sonic forces ps4 demo

Sonic Forces PS4 Demo Now Available to Play in English

The demo has a one minute time limit, though.

sonic forces ps4 demo

More Heroes Detailed in the Latest Sonic Forces Trailer

Great look at gameplay!

sonic forces trailer

New Sonic Forces Trailer Showcases Hero Swapping

Swap abilities and weapons!

sonic forces soundtrack

Listen to the Hectic Sounds of Sonic Forces’ Aqua Road

Get ready for Sonic Forces with music.

sonic forces ps4 demo

You Gotta Go Fast for These Sonic Forces Trophies

Don’t worry, this one has a Platinum.

Sonic Forces story

Shun Nakamura Provides More Insight on Sonic Forces’ Darker Story

There’s also a reason why you can’t pick your rings back up.

Sonic Team Talks Sonic Mania

Sonic Forces Wispon, Storyline, and Music Detailed in Famitsu Interview

Read our translation of the latest interview here!

sonic forces weapons

New Information on Sonic Forces Weapons and Characters Revealed

Drill weapons!

sonic forces weapons

Sonic Forces Is Getting a Classic New Stage

Pinball madness!